Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jane at 5 months

5 months!  Finally current. Jane is amazing and adorable and happy. She is so interactive and starting to like toys. I just love the heck out of her.  She is finally eating less than every 2-3 hours.  Now it's 3-4 hours! She is an infrequent pooper, I'm sure everyone would love to know.  She still manages to poop when it's most inconvenient though. Punk.  She blows raspberries and does cute little squeals all the time.  She also loves to pull hair, to my and Ruby's chagrin. She just had rice cereal for the first time and did pretty well.  She has the gummiest grin.

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Karen said...

CUTEST BABY EVER ( Not counting Ruby or Lucy, Joycie, and Lydia, of course...)