Sunday, December 29, 2013


My sisters and mom and nieces were in town for a whole week at Thanksgiving! It was heaven.  My dad and Danny also managed to be here for a few days.  The fun we had was outrageous.  Usually when my family is here, we are kept so busy with visiting and shopping and jobs.  This visit, we focused on the kids having fun.  We stayed home most of the time and just let the kids play with each other. It was SO FUN.  While the kids played, us older women folk made Christmas ornaments for my tree (so many awesome nerdy ornaments! I'm so proud of them) and watched Doctor Who specials on BBC America.  So, basically, we had the best time ever.

One night, my sisters and I went to see the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special in 3D on the big screen. I can't even tell you how amazing it was.  We wore our Tardis shirts (ok Katy has a Dalek shirt on) and Tardis earrings and basked in the nerdiness of it all.  It was such an amazing show!  As soon as we saw the 10th Doctor I started weeping.  Christy managed to hold her emotions in check pretty well, but I heard Katy full out sobbing at least once, and I bawled through like 5 different parts. I WAS JUST SO HAPPY.

The cousins love Jane :)

 We went to the Riverwoods to see the lights and...Santa!  I was wearing a new shirt from Katy--it was a Christmas shirt with the Tardis and a couple Daleks, it's freakishly awesome--so Santa didn't even ask Ruby what she wanted.  He just talked to me about Doctor Who. She had intended to ask for a Tinkerbell doll though.

Snuggling with Jane was on the top of some people's list of activities.

 The fam took a Thanksgiving morning walk to the park.

The day after Thanksgiving, we went to my uncle David's house for a Christmas singing party.  I taught Grandma the art of a the selfie.

 My favorite part of the night was at the end--most people had finished singing and were eating dessert, but we couldn't stop without singing a few of our favorite songs. A few of us belted our favorites and had a grand ol time. During one song she didn't tell us until the end of all 4 verses that she had cut her finger and was bleeding on the keys. My Grandma Joyce is one tough gal.

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