Monday, April 14, 2014

April 14

A nice couple of weeks. We are all constantly sick but slogging through it. I just went to the doctor today because I have an ear infection. What the heck! Kyle had one a couple weeks ago and now it's hit me. I was pretty miserable last night, so I'm grateful to have antibiotics before I get on an airplane this weekend!

This is Ruby's new friend Jane, who moved into our ward this year. I am kind of obsessed with her because she is freakishly sweet and adorable. And her name is Jane, which we all think is very fun!

 This is kind of what life is about right now. French fries and dollar drinks from McDonalds. Yum.

 These cute girls spend as much time together as possible! Here they are watching Frozen with Anna and Elsa.

 Conference weekend was nice and relaxing. Jane was really into President Eyring.

 I got the worst sunburn last week. Ruby pretended she had a sunburn too, and we both sat with cold wet washcloths on our faces. Good bonding time.

We had a bit of a trauma last week. At 5 in the morning, I got a call from my neighbor Kelsie, telling me that we had to get out of the house as soon as possible because there was a gas leak and we had to evacuate on foot. There was a horrible loud noise outside and the smell of natural gas was really intense. Kyle was already gone at work so I had to get the girls out of bed and race out the door alone--it was pretty scary. Kelsie and I put the kids in 2 strollers and walked to the stake center, calling everyone we could think of to get them out. Ruby thought it was fun to go on a walk in the dark, but the sound scared her. Kyle met us  there.  A whole bunch of people from our stake ended up at the church for a couple of hours, waiting to be able to go home. The rest of the day we were all exhausted from the early and crazy start.  Ruby actually took a nap and fell asleep in the middle of the day--amazing.

For April Fools Day we had purple milk in our cereal and I put googly eyes on everything in our fridge, much to Ruby's EXTREME delight. Until she swallowed a googly eye she was playing with--I don't think that will happen again, it really freaked her out.

Cute baby. She is eating a ton of baby food. She is always happiest right after she's had 3 boxes of food and a bottle!

We took  family pictures in Amarillo and just got them in the mail! I have such cute girls.

Fishy face.

For some reason I thought this yawn was so funny.

Watching a movie with her friends Eliza and Regan. I believe those are gummy worms hanging out of their mouths.

The weather has warmed up, so we spend a lot of time outside. Sometimes Jane sits and plays, but sometimes she just likes to relax. She makes me so happy.

For FHE last week we made Jello Jigglers! We even watched a couple of the old Bill Cosby commercials.

Ruby spent some time making a wall of toys around Jane--and then covering her in them.

 We had a fun Easter party at Whitney's house over the weekend, complete with an egg hunt and egg games.

This game where the kids carried hard boiled eggs in spoons REALLY stressed Ruby out. Poor girl.

We took a long family drive yesterday. Joey came along. Ruby now informs me that because Joey is her baby, I am Joey's grandma. She takes this very seriously and I have to babysit a lot.

My sweet Jane. She loves to be outside!


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Yeah for keeping your blogging resolution!!Jane in a sun hat + Jane resting outside= cutest girl Ive ever seen.