Saturday, July 11, 2015

random and the Fourth

We've been having fun at Celia's house in the mornings doing home school--Celia is really awesome and does it for kids so we just kind of show up and tag along.  Ruby now knows a ton about dinosaurs and the solar system.  Jane just kind of hangs out with me and plays while Ruby does "Celia School"

Springville recently opened Bartholomew Park, which has a little "beach" and is super fun!  I took the girls last week and we met Kerry there with her kids.  Jane was uncertain at first but enjoyed it eventually.  Ruby was hard to get out of the water.  I hate sand but we managed to stay pretty clean!

I forgot Fathers Day!  I mean, not in real life, just to put up pictures.  The patio had just been finished the day before so for breakfast we ate out there and it was glorious.  For presents, we got him R2D2 car air fresheners, an R2D2 kitchen timer (my fave!), and an Oliver Queen POP figure.  The girls and I were so excited :)

We had a low-key 4th of July this year, but it was fun!  Kyle had to work in the morning so I took the girls to Walmart (woohoo!) and we got some shirts and supplies that made us feel festive.

In our matching shirts, we headed to the mountains! I made an awesome picnic lunch for the occasion. We drove the Nebo Loop and "hiked" to Devil's Kitchen, a little mini Bryce Canyon. The hike is really like a short walk on a paved trail--perfect for us.

Eliza came over when we got home and we ran through the sprinklers and I did the girls' nails. Then the Robbins fam came over and we had our favorite summer dessert: Summer Nights Berries and Cream. It has a hand motion and everything.  The picture of our fruit is sad because the strawberries weren't plated yet, but it was really pretty when it was ready.  I wanted to drink the cream right out of the bowl.

After doing sparklers, we let the girls stay up super late and watched fireworks.  It'll be nice someday when they're old enough to not fall apart because it's so past bedtime!

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You are totally on top of this blog. Impressive!