Wednesday, April 30, 2008

And it's been a while

Catching up SUCKS. So I will give a brief account of past events:

Finals--Over. Done. Never thinking about them again--until next semester.

Graduation--My family and I screamed ourselves hoarse for Kyle. We planned the most effective yelling techniques and critiqued other cheerers around us in preparation. When they finally got to Kyle, we deafened those around us and received compiments on both our loudness and our style. I'm so happy Kyle graduated, and you can imagine how he feels (ie ecstatic).

Vaughn/Anderson meeting--Although I was nervous, the meeting went extremely well! We ate several meals together, and Barbara came to my bridal shower, and we all hung out at the condo for a bit. Everyone gets along and likes each other, and I didn't feel awkward. Score.

My bridal shower part 2--Aunt Diana should hire herself out to throw amazing parties. It was SO nice--the food was amazing, there were cute pictures of Kyle and me everywhere, and a ton of people came! I scored some sweet presents, but it was really mostly fun just to catch up with my Utah relatives and friends.

Bridals--I'm not gonna lie--I looked dang good. We went to Thanksgiving Point, and it was really crowded because it's the Tulip Festival. I had an audience everytime I posed. Strangers took pictures of me. The best part was the mass of children around me. Everytime I passed a kid, they said to their mom "Look, it's Cinderella!" or "Ohhhh mom it's a princess!" Usually I don't like being the center of attention--nor do I glorify myself (especially my looks!)--but it was really fun to feel so pretty.

DISNEYLAND--Whoa what a trip! 9 hours in an unairconditioned car through the desert, which was actually really fun. Jared amused us with yelling things out the window, and Amanda is the BEST DRIVER. Seriously, have you driven through LA? It's insanity, and Amanda handled it beautifully. We stayed in a gorgeous mansion that I'm sure everyone else will blog about (Amanda has pictures) and had a great night. Disneyland was amazing, of course. Indiana Jones is still my ultimate happy place! It was especially fun to see everything through Kyle's eyes--he hadn't been there since he was a teeny kid, and so it was like his first time. Exciting. We also won the Disneyland Dreams Come True Event Giveaway--which meant a Disneyland after-hours dance party, and then one extra hour in the park with pretty much no lines. Do dreams come true? OBVIOUSLY!!!! Amanda and Jared have some GREAT pictures of that day. Then we spent the night with Uncle David and Aunt Michelle, which was extremely kind of them because they only live like 20 minutes away and we were exhausted. We slept so well that night.

Saying goodbye to Kyle--Sucks. Is awful. Never doing it again. Been crying my eyes out. Unacceptable.

And now I'm home! It's restful here--for now. Soon the millions of jobs will come pouring in; I'm just enjoying a brief respite. In approximately 5 hours Christy and Lucy will be here! I can't WAIT to see them and shower Lucy with gifts because she is a big one-year-old now! THEN there's my bridal shower part 3 this evening. I'm really being forced to overcome my dislike of opening presents in front of people. All my life needs now is to...have Kyle with me.


TheMoncurs said...

Holy cow, three bridal showers? You are so lucky. I only got one. Granted, it was a really nice one, but man.

Rica said...

I'm glad you guys had an awesome time in Disneyland, and are back in the Bay, even if Kyle isn't. =(

The countdown begins!

Lisa said...

I had so much fun at your shower! I must Mom and Diana did a fabulous job throwing you a bridal shower! The food was great and the company was awesome! You are totally getting married in a little over 2 weeks! AMAZING! I'm so happy for you!