Saturday, May 3, 2008

blah blah blah

I'm up late, waiting for Kyle to return from his revelries so we can finally talk. It's so sad to not have him here! BUT the good news is that he is going to work for 36 hours in 3 days so that he can leave Provo early and be here next Saturday! I am thrilled.

I'm sad I can't post a couple of my bridals. Some of them are unexpectedly awesome. But Kyle isn't allowed to see the dress until the day of, so I can't facebook OR blog them. I will later though--because some are really great! I'm quite excited about them--although they have been a source of tension in my family. Katy/Christy and I have differing opinions about which ones make me look creepy vs. which ones make me look like Preity Zinta. I think I look creepy.

Yesterday I went to the aquarium in San Francisco with the kindergarteners. I touched a baby leopard shark! I still hate fish--probably even more so, now that I've seen a moral eel up close. Yikes. I am now fully involved in kindergarten life and they love me and I love them (mostly).

Kyle has moved in to our new apartment! I am SO jealous. I can't wait to move in all our stuff! MY bridal shower two days ago was AWESOME. There were so many people, and it was so comfortable and fun! People have given me amazing gifts. I am so thrilled to put our new things in their newly designated places.

Wow, this really is a boring post. Because I'm just sitting around...waiting for Kyle...sigh. Yes I'm that pathetic. What am I going to do here? I just watched yesterday's 30 Rock and Office episodes, and the rest of my family is asleep, and I'm in the really depressing part of my book. PLUS the stupid computer won't even let me log into Facebook! Gasp! It's like I'm in the dark ages!


Kyle said...

I'm trying to call you, but you're not answering! Pick up the phone! Please! I just want to talk to you.

Julie said...

No facebook? How do you live???? haha

Lauren said...

I remember this part. Ours lasted SIX weeks. Don't worry, you'll be married in no time and then you'll be MARRIED!!!

Caitlin said...

I wish you would post about some pre-wedding thoughts... even though I will get them firsthand starting tomorrow!!!! I am SO excited for this. I'm glad me and Cecilia decided to come!

Julie said...

I know you get married soon and all, or you might even be married already, but the lack of posts hurts me. I'm in a foreign country on vacation and I've blogged fifty times more than you have. I am displeased. But I did notice that you're reading The Historian.... good right? A little scary though, I'll admit.