Thursday, May 29, 2008

Segment One: The Honeymoon

Our first hotel was SO COOL. It's called the Hotel Zico, and it was a self-proclaimed Mediterranean Boutique hotel. Whatever that means, we liked it. The best part--the sink:

Neat, huh! Everything was just very cool and unique. I like Mediterranean Boutique.

Then we drove to Monterey. We stayed two nights in this cute little cottage. It was one big bedroom, with a little corner that had a microwave and fridge in it (SO handy!), and a bathroom. We loved it!

We played on the wharf, went paddle-boating, hung out in Carmel, and froze to death in the wind that kept us from kayaking and whale watching. The loss of those activities saved us lots of money, so we weren't too heartbroken about it.

These flowers grow like grass on the coast of Monterey. Kyle really liked it.

We made friends with this seagull, who we're pretty sure is Katy's spirit guide. This is him eating a fish he just caught from the ocean. I wish we'd gotten a picture of our other friend, the X-treme Rock Climbing Squirrel.
Then we stayed at the Martine Inn, an adorable and fancy B&B. It was so awesome and elegant. Everything was served on Victorian silver, and we played pool on an antique pool table. Very cool.
We stayed in the Pineapple Room, obviously.
Our favorite feature might have been the grassy parking lot.
Or the clawfoot tub.

Best bagel I've ever had.

And thus ends Segment One. Next will be the Post Honeymoon Acitivities (opening presents and Big Sur camping trip), and finally, my favorite, Our New Apartment.


Christy said...

Yeah pictures!! You stayed in some really nice places. Too bad it was so cold-especially after a week of heat wave. Glad you had a fun time.

Christy said...

Hey-I just saw your sidebar-I didn't know you saw Baby Mama! Did you like it? More importantly, would I like it?

Lisa said...'re married! Congrats! My mom could not stop raving about how beautiful you looked and how wonderful everything was! I'm so super happy for you! And I love the pictures!

Caitlin said...

What a great honeymoon! I love clawfoot tubs... and grass parking lots.