Saturday, June 14, 2008

Becca Vaughn Becca Vaughn Becca Vaughn

Well. Where to begin? It's been fully a week since I last posted. Let's start with our progress on the list I made last Friday:

-Go to Ikea (again) and finally buy that sweet fabric (Did it! We bought lotsa other stuff too)
--Sew said fabric into curtains (Kyle did it! They look awesome!)
--Finish re-upholstering the boring chairs from Ikea we just bought (One down, one to go)
--Spend the rest of our Bed Bath & Beyond money (!) (NOPE. Ran out of time and energy. Maybe we'll go today)
--FINALLY see Indiana Jones (!!!) (YES and it was awesome! I love Harrison Ford. I always will. The movie captured the spirit of a true Indiana Jones movie, so I was pleased. I can't wait to raise my children on those.)
--Finish putting away the mass of clothing that I didn't know I have (Bsssh no way)
--Potential art projects/home decor that I need to discuss with Kyle before I can blog it (Ahuh. We had fun)

Here are the unfinished chairs:
Here's one of the art projects--a painting! Yes I did that. Did I think I could do that? No. But it was super easy. I really like it. I wish you could get an accurate representation of the colors. That background color--Pear--is what i want my life to be about.

Also, Kyle and I are going on a trip! My favorite play is being done in Cedar City--and if there's one thing about my family, it's that we love seeing plays in Cedar City. So Kyle and I are going to drive down in July and see Cyrano de Bergerac! I'm very excited. Our tickets came in the mail yesterday.

Awesome. But the HUGE news I can finally talked about, now that Kyle blogged it already. Kyle is now finally going to be a microbiologist! Guys, this job is perfect. Kyle will be making BANK in a way we ever imagined possible at this stage of our lives. He's in charge of a whole person! He'll have a little assistant to torture. Plus the fact that he gets benefits boggles my mind--that seems way too adult. I'm very excited that out of all the people they interviewed, they wanted Kyle.

In celebration, we went to Rice King for lunch that day. And I made Baked Ziti for dinner. It was pretty good.

And then last night Amanda and I cooked a pretty dang good steak for him. Can you tell that I only know how to celebrate using food?

Last night adventure. Something quirky about my apartment is that we have a very sensitive and LOUD smoke alarm. Also, the switch to turn it off doesn't work--we have to turn off more than just that to get it to shut off. Have you ever tried to cook in the dark? Like, REALLY dark? There's a definite sense of panic when you know your steak needs to be flipped but you are unable to really locate it. And it's splattering you with hot oil. We had to get creative--the biggest job was fanning the smoke alarm.
BUT the steak turned out really good and really interesting--I used Pioneer Woman's recipe, so of course it was. We made 3 so we each got our own (there's a good sale on rib-eye at Smiths! Go get some!)

Unfortunately, our little party was incomplete. Here's the place we set for Alan, who never came. In exchange, we told secrets about him throughout the meal.

Don't Amanda and I match our aprons freakishly well?

This week is going to be awesome because today Mom and Katy are coming!!! I'm really excited to hang out with them. Plus we get the rest of our wedding presents!

Also: we helped Scott and Nancy move in! They're finally here in Provo, and it was so fun to see them again. We're excited to have them so close by!

Also, Nieman got a blog. Do not tell her I told you. It's on my links list.


TheMoncurs said...

Becca! Every single time I go to Ikea I drool over those chairs. I have wanted them for like, ever. We just don't have anywhere to put them. And then you go and buy them cover them with that awesome fabric and I am all kinds of jealous.

They make a baby sized one for like, $25 that Wes is going to be getting as a Christmas present next year or something. Then I can love it in miniature form.

I love your painting! It's so perfect!

Anonymous said...

Well, you finally got the tickets huh? I bet you're glad that I poked and prodded you into going. Also, I am very glad that Kyle got that job! It was very obvious that it was important for the both of you.

yeah...I could've painted a better picture than that;)

Christy said...

Yeah! Two entries! I love your curtains-I saw them in the background of one picture. Your chairs are super cute too. Why did you think I wouldn't like the fabric-it is adorable! There are too many things to comment on with all your pics-I'll just have to talk to you!

Alan said...

I'm sorry I didn't come. I really didn't find out about it until too late. I'm also sorry that nobody will read this comment.

Nancy said...

Thanks for the shout out plus an even BIGGER thank you for all your help with our move in! We need to have you two over for dinner sometime soon and get caught up...again! Where's this summer going so fast?