Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's Late!!!!!!!

Guys! Do you see what time it is?? It's past midnight and I'm still awake! We just got home from fun times! I feel young again. I only feel married when it's like 9:15 and I'm worried about going to bed late. That's how lame we've been since we put new rings on our fingers. So tonight, for the first time in a long time, I feel cool.

We're up late because Celia and I spent hours deep-cleaning her carpet to get rid of years of cat urine. Then Kyle came over and we put up curtains and the wackiest lamp ever. THEN we met Nieman and Christian and we all went to Sammy's for milkshakes. There, I had a REALLY fantastic milkshake and discovered that an enemy is actually a friend. Both events were quite shocking.

Anyways, I just want everyone to know that we're still hip and young. We still got it!


Katy said...

oh man, i really want to go to that place, it looks so cool on the outside now!

i guess we traded places--i stayed up 'late' watching a pbs mystery and am thoroughly done in. bring on the walker and badly dyed hair!

Becca said...


We did not in fact go to bed until after 1 am!!! Because Nieman got locked out and had to come sleep on our floor.

That's how neat we are!!!

Caitlin said...

I'm glad you're still young and hip... I was worried about you with the working 40 hours of week and being all old and married.

Julie said...

Sammy's! So you like it? I'm super excited about that. Yay

Bryce said...

Becca, I am so glad to hear that hipness and marriedness are not mutually exclusive. You bring me hope.

AnnaDee said...

hi becca!
deep cleaning the carpet eh?
ick! *big grin*
i love your blog's title.
hurrah for milkshakes, am i right?

Jessica said...

Just to clarify, it was dog urine. Prissy knows where to deposit her waste product and tinkle.

hahahaha tinkle. My grandma calls it that.

Jaclyn said...

Unrelated comment, but Becca, I had to tell you how much I loved "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close." It was so different from what I was expecting-- but it was better because it was different. Can't explain it, but it was great--