Tuesday, August 26, 2008

this one is no good

  • I know I need to blog, but so much blog-worthy stuff has happened that I feel overwhelmed. I also feel completely unmotivated, because I feel like crap. Last night I had a bad migraine that put me out of commission for some hours. Poor Kyle is so nice to take care of me when I'm like that. I didn't go to work today because I'm still feeling the effects of it. Pretty miserable. But the dang carpet cleaners are coming today (like there is ANYTHING they could possibly do to remedy our ugly carpet--it's plenty clean, just nasty) so I couldn't just stay in bed, I had to pick up everything off the floor and shower and get dressed, and now wait for them to get here, with no clue when they're coming, and I can't fall asleep like I want to because how awkward if they just walk in and I'm in bed. This is not a good day to stay home sick. I feel all groggy and gross and my eyeballs hurt.

    Anyways, good things have happened too.

    Tuesday-- a great date. Indian themed, so you know I LOVED it. Kyle is so awesome.
  • Wednesday -- Mott/Bluffs wedding planning meeting. Good stuff got done, still a lot to do.
  • Thursday-- another failed attempt to float the Provo river. I'm losing the will to try again.
  • Friday--baby-sat Scott and Nancy's kids and had a blast.
  • Saturday--shopping spree, home decor projects, and Bryce Lowder's wedding reception!
  • Sunday-- dinner with Dane Bjork, and Star Wars Monopoly at the Riv. Dane won. Geeky, but fun.

    I don't have any pictures from any of the above events. Sad, huh. I know I should give more detail to actually make it interesting but I feel completely uncreative, unfunny, and lame--so my blog is going to reflect that. I'm sorry. I think I'm going to go back to sleep--who cares about the carpet-cleaners.


~Lara from the Sahara said...

I'm sorry Becca. I hate migraines as well. I hope you feel better and try to catch some *zzzz's*. ok well i will comment on more pposts on your blog so im out. PEACE (is SO out)!!! <3 :p

KaWheelers said...

Oh my gosh... you entered it too?! K, I totally thought of you when I did it. I don't know why.... but I did :) Maybe because of the many recipes that we got at work because of Pioneer Woman! Well, good luck! :)

Katy said...

I wonder which is geekier, Star Wars Monopoly or Star Wars Scene-It? In any case, you can guess what game we played a while ago at Leinfam. What I learned from playing for about 20 minutes: the name of the Wookie home planet, and that Star Wars games are sort fun, but not really.