Monday, September 29, 2008

The Day of a Million Dreams...shattered

Well, Saturday was going to be the best day ever.  Early that morning we decided that it was going to be the Day of a Million Dreams.  When I found out that Paul Newman died, I reconsidered our plan--but then I realized that Paul Newman would have wanted us to be happy.

So, we just did things that we wanted to do.  We went to the mall and got our free pound of See's Candy (Chocolate Buttercream mmm).  It's my birthday in a couple weeks (don't forget!) so we went in to stores, hoping to see some things that I want that Kyle could get for me.  We ran in to Emily and CB a couple times, which was fun!  Then we gorged ourselvs on Old Spaghetti Factory--and had the creepiest waitress ever.  She was like, trying to seduce Kyle in front of me??

After lunch, we picked up Katy and went to Joann's for some fabric for Emily's wedding guestbook that is going to be soooo pretty because Katy is super talented and can bookbind.  Then we dropped her off, picked up some Smart Cookies, and went to the International Cinema!  International Cinema + Smart Cookie is a tradition that I hold dear to my heart.   We saw Les Choriste, which I have seen a million times and loved, and which Kyle saw for the first time and loved.

I guess it WAS a good day--but it's overshadowed by the crappiness of that night and the next day.  

We spent Saturday night and Sunday with a nasty bout of the flu, or something like it.  It's good that we were both struck at the same time, so that we could each understand what the other was going through.  We spent most of the time moaning and writhing in pain, a pitiful sight I'm sure.  The craziest part was our weakness.  We could not do anything other than crawl to the bathroom to throw up.  We were crazy dehydrated, but were completely helpless.  Katy finally rescued us late Sunday afternoon, bringing lots of Sprite, Saltine crackers, and applesauce.  Watered down Sprite is really what cured us.  So since 7 pm on Saturday, all we've eaten is Saltines and applesauce.  And that's after completely empyting our bodies.  SO--good weight loss plan, right?

Kyle was able to sleep last night and woke up weak, but more or less functioning.  I, on the other hand, did NOT sleep last night and was still plagued by nausea and the most intense muscle pain I've ever experienced.  Two nights in a row, with one pain-wracked day in between?  I'm pretty pathetically exhausted.  So I couldn't wake up at 5:45 this morning, or go to class or work.  It's 11 and I'm still pretty pathetic.  It would feel really great to shower, but it still sounds too hard.  So instead I'm blogging and nibbling on some Saltines that Katy left by my bed.


The Mom said...

Sounds like food poisoning to me.

Kyle said...

That waitress decided that if she couldn't have me, no one could. I thought I tasted bloodroot.

Juliann & Brett said...

Sad day! I love the title of your post. I couldn't keep anything down when I first had Mae except for saltines, which tasted amazing. I hope you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the mom ... definitely food poisoning. That or the creepy waitress was trying to poison you both!

Caitlin said...

Ok weird. I was going to write exactly: sounds like food poisoning. Apparently I'm not as smart as I thought. Sorry you're so sick :(

Scotty said...

I'm the only one to say Flu... only because at the SAME time (Friday night and ALL Saturday) I was doing the EXACT same thing. Throwing up all night and all day long. How exhausting! I was the only victim in our house. Sorry you were sick too. I was sore for days after, (evidently I am a violent vomiter.) By Sunday afternoon I was keeping down sprite and crackers... the universal after sick food.