Friday, October 3, 2008


Ok. If you're not Council Bluffs, you should go to this page to see some amazing pictures of our sweet friend Emily. And you should comment, because Raquel (the photographer) really likes comments. Guys, last night I got to go with Emily to do her bridals, and it was AMAZING! It was so fun, and Raquel is so great/fun/friendly/talented/awesome, and Emily looked absolutely beautiful. Beyond beautiful. Amanda did such a terrific job with hair/makeup, and I got the really fun job of holding the train and flowers whenever Emily had to make a move! I loved it. (But seriously Council Bluffs, you can't look)

Reasons why October is the best:
  • It's raining
  • It's my birthday (23 IS old)
  • It's the Emily/CB wedding
  • It's Hallowe'en
  • We're not in the beginning of the school year anymore
  • It's a consistent temperature (hopefully soon!)
  • It's time to listen to cold-weather music
  • It's General Conference
  • Thanksgiving is coming
  • Christmas is coming
  • For some reason, I really like Columbus Day
  • Can we say "TEN THIRTEEN"!!!!!
October is my favorite month, even though it includes midterms and...okay I can't really think of anything else consistently bad about October.

This year, Katy is making me a special cake for my birthday. She took a cake decorating class over the summer so she can do that sort of thing. It's kind of supposed to be a secret, but I already know...I get a Joker cake!!!!

Creepy and awesome!


Katy said...

Becca, what part of IT IS A SECRET CAKE do you now understand?! That's it, the cake is OFF!!

Becca said...

Not cool, Katy. Not cool.

Julie Anne said...

It's not raining. You crazy.

TheMoncurs said...

Those pictures are awesome!

karenanderson said...

Becca, you nut. Of course you like Columbus day--10/14 in 1985 WAS Columbus Day. I wonder how often those two things happens? Maybe it's like a harmonic convergence!!

Janae Bailey said...

Thanks for posting the link to those pictures! Emily is gorgeous!

Jaclyn said...

October is definitely my favorite too!