Monday, September 8, 2008

Sleeeep now.... (Katy you know what that's from)

One good thing about a 7 o'clock class--if you have to go home early (as in, right after that class), it's still early enough when you get home that you can go straight back to bed and pretend you never woke up.

I mean, I'm not in bed yet. I'm blogging. But the idea of it is really appealing--I think I'll go ahead and sleep forever.

I have a bad migraine today, and today's 2 other classes are really just unnecessary. I hate missing work but I just wouldn't be able to hack it today. And if I did go to work, I'd be on campus until 4 pm, instead of 8 am. I just can't make that commitment when I feel this crappy.

This weekend was enjoyable:

On Friday, Kyle and I went to...Olive Garden! Ate ourselves SICK. The it was Cameron's open house! It was so great to see his family, who moved to Texas and so I've been missing them. And of course it was great to see Cameron and finally meet Katie! Now that he's married, and living right down the street from us, it looks like we'll have some married friends.

Alan and Nieman and Katy came over and we conducted an extensive science experiment. Results inconclusive. As soon as Alan gets his scanner working, he'll post the results. We took a million pictures, but Nieman has them all. We'll see if she blogs them or not.

Saturday was great! Kyle and I drove to Ogden, stopping at Nielson's (in Bountiful) along the way. Guys, Nielson's frozen custard is AMAZING. I'm so in love with it. I was so happy to get the chance to introduce it to Kyle!

Once we got to Ogden, we got to hang out with Kyle's family! His parents were in town for the day, and it was really fun to see them again--we haven't seen them since the wedding. I also got to meet Kyle's grandma and great-aunts and great-uncles and cousins. We had a really good time--lots of food and Guitar Hero!

After we dropped of Barbara (Kyle's mom) at the airport, we raced home to party with Katy. We had a movie night at her sweet new apartment--it's perfect for get-togethers. Such a cool layout, and very spacious! Katy's roommates are really cool too. Our night was complete with Muddy Buddies, popcorn, and Mission Impossible: 3. Kyle and I left like half-way through the movie--that movie is SO STRESSFUL, and we were feeling anxious. PLUS we were dying to watch the next episode of LOST! So we knew it was whack but we just had to go home and watch it.

Last night, after watching one of my favorite movies in the world, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (I knew Kyle would like it and he did!), we headed over to the Riv to hang out. Kyle may or may not post the notes that he took from that evening. We pretty much planned Alan's life for him, ate more popcorn, watched Alan play Tetris, discussed Palin with Council Bluffs, and found out that Emily really is the perfect girl for him (she passed all the tests!).

In between all these activities, Kyle and I have watched tons of Lost. We have two more episodes left of season 3, and it's really exciting.

We need to take more pictures.

So that's what's up with us. Now I'm going to sleep off this migraine, and hopefully wake up feeling rejuvenated and alive and ready to do all my homework before Kyle gets home. Or not.


Katy said...

I'm obsessed with your obsessed with picture. Dang. DANG.

Nancy said...

So sorry about the migraine. Is there anything I can do or bring you?

Christy said...

Glad you had such a fun and eventful weekend. Can't wait to see you!

karenanderson said...

Is your migraine medicine doing any good?

Julie! said...

Tim Roth! Gary Oldman! Tom Stoppard! Sigh. SUCH a great movie.

Katy said...

Becca, we've all gotten together, and we really think you need to blog again.

karenanderson said...

HEY, I've been checknig with such hope every day from school and no new blog. Not ok, my friend.

Nancy said...

Becca, are you still sleeping? Maybe someone should come awaken you...