Monday, October 20, 2008

Is this awkward?

Kyle and I want to lose weight. As soon as there were rings on our fingers, we feel like we got fat--even though there weren't any drastic negative changes in our habits! Maybe it's just a mindset, because we aren't ACTUALLY that much bigger. But you know how sometimes, when people get married, they suddenly seem a lot bigger? I just don't want people to see me and think that I've let myself go because I "don't have to attract a man anymore". My worst fear is the "Oh honey..." look or words or abstract thought! Here's news for you--I, and most other married women, still want to look hot!

So anyways, we are being SO GOOD. Our food intake has changed dramatically, and we're trying to have a less sedentary lifestyle. Instead of waffles overflowing with syrup for breakfast, I eat an apple. Instead of a bottle of soda, I have a bottle of water with those cute little "On the Go" flavor packs (because I hate drinking water). Instead of driving Katy home, we walk Katy home. We've outlawed a lot of delicious foods, and I'm getting used to not eating them. We write down our weight every morning (we just bought a fancy new scale) and write down what we've eaten and what we've done to exercise that day. Anyways, Nikki inspired me to blog about it, even though it's a teeny bit embarrassing to admit my body-image issues on the internet! BUT, the good news--it's only been one week, and I've a)lost some weight (ok, not MUCH, but every little bit helps!) and b) I feel different and skinnier, even if I don't look it. And that's after one birthday (cake) and one wedding (cake)! So, that's great.

The reason behind this? Kyle bought me the most beautiful Anthropologie shirt (yes, Anthropologie, can you believe it! thank heaven for massive sales) and it fits, but it doesn't fit perfectly--and I refuse to wear it until it looks as beautiful as it's supposed to. This shirt has to achieve it's destiny as being gorgeous and wonderful! So, come Christmas, hopefully I'll be wearing this shirt in all of it's glory.


Nikki said...

Yay for inspiration! I actually find it better to write down my weight once a week (and only check it once a week) rather than once a day. I get on the scale every Saturday morning at 8:30 and write down the weight. That way it's consistent and I don't get discouraged over normal daily fluctuations. (Also, the difference is bigger than if you check every day. :) ) Just a suggestion. Obviously you don't have to do that. :)

TheMoncurs said...

Yay for healthy habits! I'm trying to make some changes too. Want to know what I ate for breakfast, lunch and snacks yesterday? An entire plate of brownies that we got sent home with after a party on Saturday night.

It's official. Baked goods are not allowed at our house. I'm too weak to say no.

I'm going to go eat an apple.

Nancy said...

You go girl! It's all about how you feel. I'm going to try some of your tricks.

Alan said...

AMEN. I hate water too. I enjoy the Disney-brand fruit-punch-flavored carcinogen packets. They're colorless, so it looks like you're drinking water, and they have tons of vitamin C! Like 200%!