Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Friday!

YES! I am so happy that it's the weekend. I want to sleep for 2 days straight...but that's probably unrealistic.

Here are some good things:
  • I finally got new jeans yesterday. TWO pairs!
  • My scariest project of the whole semester was yesterday, went well, and I don't have to think about it ever again
  • Quantum of Solace came out today, which means it's that much closer to coming to the dollar theater
  • It has been raining a lot recently and I love it
  • My house is really clean
  • Katy and I rocked our Welsh class yesterday with an AWESOME Welsh Choose Your Own Adventure game
  • Some of my plans (for something that I guess can't be announced officially yet) are really coming together! (Oh that has nothing to do with babies)
  • I haven't had a really bad, put-me-out-of-commission migraine for over a whole month! Vitamin B2 and Magnesium are actually working
  • Our holiday plans are finally solidified, we're staying here for Thanksgiving and going to Concord for Christmas
  • I've already started getting Christmas presents for my family
  • I get to leave work early today because I've worked too many hours this week

So, yeah! I'm feeling pretty good. As soon as I leave work I'm going to the mall to spend a gift certificate that's burning a whole in my pocket.


The Boob Nazi said...

I want to spend money and go shopping. BOO

Caitlin said...

Hooray for no migraines! I think the homeopathic hippies get some stuff right.

Katy said...

Additions to the list:
-Rice King with Katy
-Dark Knight in the dollar theater!! Can I count you in for re-screenings every night this week? Good. GOOD.

amanda said...

thanks by the way

Nancy said...

Glad about Thanksgiving for us but sad for your fam. :( Shall we plan anything else festive for that weekend? We are considering going to one of those "cut your own Christmas tree" places. Want to come? How about the Temple Square tree lighting? Interested in braving that with us? I'm not sure if I can commit to early morning shopping on Black Friday but if you have that tradition and need someone to fill in, I can consider it.

Nancy said...

AND I am going to see Twilight on Wednesday are welcome to come know you want to! I will be buying tickets tomorrow (for Wed) so let me know if I can pick up a ticket for you. My treat.

Becca said...

Nancy why do you tempt me so?? I'll have to do some soul-searching and then get back to you.