Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Problem

So, we just watched Air Force One, one of my childhood favorites.  Something difficult about that movie is that it pits Harrison Ford, bum-kicking President of the United States, against Gary Oldman, Russian terrorist who is really passionate about his country.

Which led me to this headache-inducing train of thought: how could I ever choose between Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman?  
On the one hand, Harrison Ford has been one of my favorites since I was 7.  Indiana Jones, Han Solo, Linus from Sabrina (the man knows how to take off his glasses), everything else he's ever done except Six Days, Seven Nights...come on.  The man is a demi-god--although in my mind, he took some hits when he pierced his ear and started dating Calista Flockhart.  But I'd forgive him anything.
However...GARY OLDMAN!  The man is an amazing chameleon actor (even Keith Johnson says so, and HE knows everything) and one of the most lovable guys ever!  I actually fell for him when I saw Air Force One as a kid (it's okay to love a terrorist, right?).  My love was instantly and exponentially reaffirmed in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead (oh man, he is FANTASTIC) and come on, Commissioner Gordon? Love him.  And okay, you have to mention him as Dracula, and even Sirius Black--he just really knows how to pull it off.  

All I can say is...they both know how to plead for the lives of their wives and children DANG WELL.  I think Gary Oldman must have picked up some tips for his performance in The Dark Knight while filming Air Force One with Harrison.  That same look of pleading, the "Leave my family alone" line that makes me cry (yeah, still does), that "It's going to be all right" to their about-to-be-almost-killed-and-then-saved child.  These men are tear-jerking geniuses.

So...I'm just never going to pick, okay?  While it's painful for me that Harrison had to end up killing Gary in Air Force One (especially in such a gruesome way!), I'm sure they're still buddies.


Katy said...

If it ever comes down to Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman being trapped in warehouses full of oil drums and explosives and I can only pick one, I hope I have the decency to chomp on my hollow back tooth, because I don't want to live in a world without either one of them.

Christy said...

You asked one of lifes great questions-I'm not sure I have an answer for myself. No that's a lie-I'd choose Harrison before most people-maybe even you. Well, maybe not, but it would be tough.

karenanderson said...

As much as I love to see Garyt Oldham in anything, I can't believe you have a problem picking anyone before Harrison? Yikes, except for Paul Newman, maybe. But they are in differnet classifications and we shouldn't mess or we have to add Cary Grant,Gregory Peck and that just gets out of control. PS I LOVE being out of school on a monday!!

~Lara from the Sahara said...

I LOVED Gary Oldman in Dark Knight. That scene I tell really hit I was going through it..AH!! ok well we celebrated ur papa's birthday and ur mom mad e fantastic cake. maybe i should tell her right now...AUNT KAREN U MADE AMAZING CHOCOLATE CAKE!!! ok im glad i got that off my chest. :] ciao!