Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy December!

Do you ever have days where it seems like every single person you pass is staring at you incredulously? And you have no idea why, and after checking yourself out in the mirror you confirm that you look fine, so why the heck are all those people so weird? Yeah like today.

Some Thanksgiving highlights:
  • The delicious pie I made that we ate over the course of several days.
  • Seeing Twilight with Nancy and the Dowse girls (hilariously delightful)
  • Thanksgiving dinner with my second cousins and the Scott/Nancy fam
  • Hanging out with Katy P.
  • Seeing Australia (very Baz Luhrmann, which to me = amazing)
  • Amanda's official engagement (finally!)
  • Gallivanting through Provo in the middle of the night while hand-delivering a bunch of bridal shower invitations
  • Chili's chips and queso
  • Black Friday shopping, even though we didn't buy anything
  • Babysitting for my cousins
  • Burger Supreme
  • Dinner with Council Bluffs and Emily--for the first time, Kyle and I made turkey, gravy, and stuffing
  • TONS of Christmas shopping and bridal shower planning!
We've been listening to Christmas music nonstop, and this week I hope to get some Christmas decorations up. I want to feel the holiday spirit as much as possible, even though I won't be at home with the family until just before Christmas. I can't believe there's only like 3 weeks of school left. The semester has flown by, hallelujah. Just a couple of obstacles left!

I was postponing publishing this post because I have some pictures, but they just won't load. Oh well.

I am done with ALL of my Christmas shopping. Yes. It is December 2nd and I am declaring myself DONE. (Except for, you know, my dear husband. I have no clue what to do about that)

Happy birthday Dad!!


Christy said...

Yeah done with Christmas shopping! I haven't started...but I have thought about it. Thank heavens we did Mom's together. We talked forever yesterday and I never heard about Thanksgiving or Black Friday-you'll have to call me. PS-good idea to deliver invitations-it is getting close! But it is just as well-you cn't get a bridal shower invitation when she hasn't even gotten engaged yet!

Becca said...

I hope some of the guests got the invitation before they heard the news--that would be awesome. Although they've been "engaged" for ages so they probably knew it was coming!

Nancy said...

Ah, gee, thanks Becca! My highlight of the week was seeing Twilight with you and laughing hysterically! It just wouldn't have been fun with anyone but you. Oh and have I profusely thanked you enough for babysitting?? THANK YOU!! My bucket was so way filled up thanks to you and Kyle!

Nancy said...

Oh, and so happy for Amanda. We all feel kind of close to her here because her fiance taught Scott how to rope the kids and all.