Wednesday, December 3, 2008

HOW long has it been?

Today is the 200th day of our marriage! And no, we don't keep track of the days we've been married. Kyle's phone told us last night that this was coming up, and hey, you may as well celebrate every chance you get! And let me tell you, the last 200 days are worth celebrating. But, too much talk of delirious love and happiness gets old, so I'll just let it be. I'm excited for our 200th day celebration. We're going to try out a Chilean restaurant that I discovered yesterday. Kyle always talks about pastel de choclo, and now I will finally get to try it!

Last night we had some fun campus activities. There was a Navidad fiesta for some of the Spanish classes, which was fun PLUS I got a hefty amount of extra credit for singing The Little Drummer Boy (en espaƱol, of course). Immediately after was Katy's orchestra concert! I love going to Katy's concerts. In all of her years at BYU, I have only missed one--and that was NOT my fault, because I was in Amarillo. Kyle is so fun to go to concerts with, and we definitely had a blast. The music was great! Afterwards we took Katy home with us and delighted in hot chocolate and Good Eats.

All last night I had Nazi dreams. I HATE Nazi dreams. And these weren't even "Oh, Nazis are bad, poor Jews" dreams--I WAS the Jew, and I WAS hunted. Kyle and I were on the run for ages. It was very scary :( Luckily, Grandma Joyce took pity on us and gave us shelter--until we got caught again.


The Boob Nazi said...

If I had lived in Germany during the Holocaust, I would've been put in a concentration camp. That makes me feel slightly special.

Rica said...

Man...even with your blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm going to have to start watching out, or I'll be having those dreams too.

Happy 200 days!

Nancy said...

Wait, I didn't hear about Katy's concert? Rats! I need to check my music concert catalog more closely, apparently. And happy 200 days!

Jaclyn said...

The 200 day comment was great - congrats on the unique milestone!