Thursday, December 4, 2008


This is Kyle with a scrumptious bit of fried cauliflower. Actually to me it looks disgusting--but Kyle loves it, and it is very Chilean apparently. We had a blast at Pantrucas last night. The owners are SO NICE. The man was our "waiter", although it felt more like we were buddies. He came and sat with us and told us about the menu. He said everything in Spanish to Kyle and then repeated it to me in English--although I could understand him, I told him I didn't really speak Spanish because I didn't want to have to try to actually respond in Spanish. I'm a wuss. He was really cool. As we were about to leave his wife came out, and let me tell you she is GORGEOUS! I loved her, and her voice. Kyle says she looks very Chilean. I'm amazed he didn't end up marrying one if they look like that! The place was tiny, and we were the only people in there. You know how once you go to a place that looks like it might be struggling, it automatically becomes YOUR responsibility to take care of it and keep it afloat? Is that just me? Anyways, we're definitely going back there. I got a ham and cheese sandwich that wasn't special except for the delicious homemade Chilean bread it was on. Kyle got a tasty empanada. Next time we'll get pastel de choclo (it takes a while to make and we didn't feel like we had time) and the Torta de Mil Hojas--a "cake" pastry thing that sounds SO GOOD. I'm glad Kyle knows about these sorts of things so I don't miss out on anything delicious. I'm also glad that Kyle is such a fluent Spanish speaker, because this week I'm reading a Spanish play and I have really needed his help! I try to read it, and I get most of it, but I can tell that I'm losing a lot of the subtle things. So then Kyle reads it to me so I can really understand--it's very sweet. And attractive.

Last night we also celebrated with Dairy Queen! I couldn't help but remember my family's St. Johns trip over the summer--we went to DQ every day, and one day we went twice. Andersons on vacation.

School is almost over! This is the last full week of classes--and it's almost Friday! I can't believe how fast it's gone. I also can't believe how soon Amanda's bridal shower is! Yikes! I'm going to spend a lot of time in the next couple of days baking, and making decorations, and pie-ing, and frosting....yeah it'll be fun!


Caitlin said...

Yay for Spanish-speaking husbands! I'm learning Spanish too so that Tim and I can run away to Argentina and move into a bungalow and he can write and I can bear loads of children and work at a small women's NGO. That is the dream. And I know about those kinds of restaurants. There is a little Argentine one near our house that we like... it's a little pricey but it has that same intimate feel to it that makes you feel like you should go there instead of going to Olive Garden or something. And they have a huge screen TV that plays Argentine soap operas and games shows.

Christy said...

I'm so glad you liked the Chilean restaurant-how fun for Kyle. Danny and I have only been to one German place in CA-and it was mostly just beer and wurst! I'm so glad that school is almost out-that means Christmas is coming-I can't wait. Good luck tomorrow.

karenanderson said...

Only two weeks until the eating starts! It sounds like all Andersons do is eat. ...and maybe that is true! It's certainly true that eating fun food is fun. When Dad and I went out for his bday, we had a nice desert--that cost A LOT and it was the same thing that I made for dinner w/ Christy and Danny when they came at Thaksgiving. How cool did I feel. Can ahrdly wait to see you. Good luck w/ the fun party!

Kaity said...

i really thought this post was called "pancreas" until about 1/2 way through- if you use your imagination, it even looks like kyle is holding a little pancreas.

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