Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Results

HOW awesome was John McCain's concession speech?


He was so gracious and moving. Good guy. I liked when he told us to support Obama because he's our leader. I'm proud of him, and sad for him, but I'm okay with things. I already hate Obama less--my goal is totally working. I liked his speech (but that's not a surprise, he's an incredible speaker so I can't help it)--I liked that he spoke to ME (ie the people who didn't vote for him) and said that he would be my president too.

But the most exciting part was our major victory in California. I cannot tell you how proud I am of my state! My faith in my countrymen (statemen?) has been restored! I mean, who's on the Lord's side who? At least on this issue, over half of my pretty liberal state! The majority chose the right on this moral issue! I am shocked and relieved and surprised and pleased and happy and grateful. I'm so proud of my family and friends who worked so hard on that campaign. I am so proud of California. This is the SECOND time we've decided this--we do not back down. I'm trying not to be bugged by the facebook stati of all the people who were against it and are not gracious losers (they could learn a lesson from McCain...MAN they would hate me for saying that) and need vulgar words to express themselves. Or the people who are mad at Mormons, or the Mormons who are mad at the Church. I don't care. They just don't know what I know. Some of them SHOULD know, but they don't understand what I understand.

(I hope that awful ad smearing our nice missionaries hurt their campaign. It should have. Oh ignorance.)

I'm feeling so good--I think I need to go watch a youtube video of Bill Pullman's speech in Independence Day.


The Boob Nazi said...

I know. How many Mormons are there in CA who can actually vote???? Pretty sure it's NOT 5 million. So people need to shut the hell up.

Caitlin said...

That video disgusted me. And I loved McCain's speech as well. I feel bad for him because he IS a great guy, always super moderate in the Senate but was manipulated by his party during the election. I think he really cares about his country. It made me tear up a bit. I really think Obama is going to do great things... I can feel it. I sure hope so because he's got quite the job ahead. I loved the 103-yr-old black woman on the cover of the NYT that was arrested in the 1960s for registering African-Americans to vote. What a monumental occasion for her. I can't believe the change that our country has undergone in four decades. It's beautiful.

Lillian said...

I'm feeling pretty much like you, Becca. Far more optimistic than I had anticipated. Yay! for California... now lets just hope it stands as it moves on to the Supreme Court (as I'm assuming it will).

karenanderson said...

So did you know that ther are already 4 lawsuits filed to overturn the proposition? I didn't know that they could do that when we already voted and it should just go straight to the state constitution! Glenn Beck said on the radio this morning that people should just shut up and get on with life. The election is over, we support what happened, think about what to do next time and just get going. I wanted to cheer with him! It makes me tired to think that we'll have to do this again and again. And the anti people believe their own propaganda--which is the saddest thing. The only hate that I saw spewed out was people driving by me (in the POURING rain) shouting awful things and vigorously waving fingers.