Monday, December 22, 2008

So cloooooose

We're leaving tomorrow night! I hope the crazy snow doesn't impede our journey--I KNOW it will though. Katy spent all night in the Salt Lake Airport, and I just pray that our delay isn't that long. I don't have time to spare! I am so excited for home, and Lucy, and the fireplace, and presents, and good food, and my parents, and no snow, and Christy and Danny, and Christmas movies, and Christmas music, and downtown Walnut Creek, and the temple, and Fentons, and my home ward, and LUCY. And CHRISTMAS.

We had a great weekend:

We celebrated Ludichristmas! We opened the presents under our tree before our night in Salt Lake City.


We watched 4/5 of the first season of Prison Break--which is a VERY addicting show. Kyle was sick for half of the weekend, so we made a pallet out of blankets and pillows on our living room floor--and spent hours and hours there, watching Prison Break, surrounded by dishes and candy wrappers. Decadence in the extreme.

Before Kyle got sick, we were lucky enough to go see The Nutcracker! Man, I had forgotten how much I worship ballerinas. The Snow Queen and Sugar Plum Fairy were gorgeous. The music was awesome, the Russian dancers crazily fun, and the experience wonderful! Is it weird that Herr Drosselmeyer reminds me of Kyle?

Kyle had to look extra stern because this particular Nutcracker was purple.

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The Boob Nazi said...

Wentworth Miller=heaven. My heaven.