Monday, May 11, 2009

remember that one time?

I never put up any graduation pictures.  If this is going to be a blog book someday (possibly...all the cool kids are doing it), I can't just leave out big events.  So HERE are some:

A couple funny Lucy things:
--Although she knows the name, if you ask Lucy to say "dog" she replies with "oof-oof."   Similarly, her name for "hot dog" is "yummy oof-oof."   Horrifying?
--She loves talking to me on the phone.  Christy uses this to bribe Lucy when she's being cranky or doesn't want her diaper changed.  She gets on the phone ("Hi Bec!") and starts talking a mile a minute.  I catch an occasional "ElmoAbby" in there.  We generally talk about her toys and her mommy.  She answers my questions ("Ahuh!") and gives kisses to everything around her ("Mmmmwah!") and eventually Christy has to pry the phone away from her ("Bye Bec!").  It totally makes me day, year, and life.

She is too funny! I love her.

Kyle is sick but still at work.  I feel bad for him.  At least he's sick now and not on THURSDAY when we go to HAWAII.  Oh man.


Jennifer Ricks said...

Girl, you look awesome!

Caitlin said...

You are hot Becca.