Saturday, August 22, 2009



In the last week, I have:
-moved out of my house
-moved all of my belongings into CB's house
-hung out with my aunt/cousins
-dumped a realtor who was lame
-found a realtor who is amazing
-looked at 17 houses
-hung out with my parents, Katy, and Grandma Joyce
-read several books
-bought new jeans
-spent an evening in the hospital with Celia (who drove back to Utah) with no baby to show for it
-helped move Katy into her house
-decided to probably make an offer on a place to live

And probably more.

I'm currently on Katy's computer in her sweet house.  Kyle/Katy/Alan are in the other room.  I love having people back in Provo!  The next days/weeks/months are going to be exciting, and I have high hopes for the next years.

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Cait said...

You're buying a house? That feels so grown-up. I have spent many a night in the hospital with no baby to show for it... eventually, they will appear!