Monday, August 10, 2009

man alive

Kyle and I were up at Bear Lake this weekend, enjoying some quality time with his parents. Kyle's aunt and uncle have a really nice cabin (two cabins, actually) up there (and by "cabin" I mean "4 bedroom/3 bathroom/3 story gorgeous house with a giant moose head), and we had a really good time relaxing, eating, and watching the water. It's beautiful! The rest of the extended family joined us today, but Kyle and I had to miss most of the reunion because Kyle couldn't get work off.

Here's some news: Kyle and I have decided to commit to Utah. We've been in total limbo all summer, hoping that a great job in California would turn up for Kyle to snag. And we're sick of it. While we still want to end up in California, we've decided to wait for several years. Limbo sucks and we may as well just stay here. The biggest reason for me to stay is that it turns out that Kyle loves his job! I had no idea! Good jobs are hard to come by, and jobs that make you happy are even more rare. It makes me really happy that he is happy with his job, and that by staying, we're making him even happier. So we're giving Utah another 5 (ish) years of our lives. California will still be there when we're ready to go.

SO that means that we're looking to buy a house! We've just started the process. We're very excited--it's basically all that we talk about. We're hoping to live in Springville, where Kyle works, but we could really end up anywhere in the general Provo area. We'll stay in Council Bluffs/Emily's basement while we look/find/love/have it fall through/start over/give up/finally buy a house.

There's so much going on. We're moving, my family's coming, Katy P.'s visiting, old friends are returning to Provo. Other huge stuff is happening but I don't know if it's bloggable yet. I hate to be cryptic, but it's not my news to tell. I could just not mention it altogether, but it's constantly on my mind and it's the reason that I'm still awake even though Kyle is sleeping next to me. Sorry.


TheMoncurs said...

Oh great, now I'm all curious.

Nancy said...

Wow! We leave for a couple of days and all sorts of things happen! Can't wait to hear about househunting.