Monday, August 3, 2009

quick/long recap

This has been the greatest weekend! We've been so busy with fun things. I'm so mad because I didn't take one single picture--oh well. I used to be a picture-taker--and a picture-blogger. But now it's all words and Google images.

Wednesday we saw Night at the Museum 2. For some reason I thought it was hysterically funny. Maybe it was my mood, but I laughed a LOT. The whole time. Hank Azaria just totally gets me! I love him.

Thursday we were pretty adventurous. Emily and I (with some help from our husbands) made chicken tikka masala. And it was actually good! I think I liked it the least--I kept saying that we should keep making different tikka masala recipes until we found one that we were in love with, and Kyle kept protesting that he was already in love with this one. So we'll see. Next time though, I will seriously need naan bread. I don't know if I should even attempt to make it--maybe just Bombay House takeout?

Friday. Friday I was just happy. Kyle and I went to DI and dropped off some bags of clothes, and bought some bags of other things. I got a sweet mustard yellow suitcase, a cool picture/frame, and a secret present for Katy. Then we did my favorite thing in the world: get shaved ice from the place by Helaman Halls! It's so the best. As the sun set, I was slowly eating my shaved ice with Kyle and thought to myself, "THIS is what I love. I am so happy." I don't know if it was the black cherry syrup going to my head, but I'm pretty sure I experienced pure being. When we got home we had a geeky night with Alan. We bought some computer cables, hooked my laptop up to our big tv, and watched The IT Crowd. Geeky so often equals fun.

Saturday morning I finally went to the Provo Farmer's Market for the first time! Kyle and I went with CB and Emily. The Provo Farmer's Market, surprisingly, has very little fruit. I was slightly disappointed. It's mostly crafty people selling their wares, which is definitely cool still. We bought 2 lbs. of gorgeous cherries and a freshly baked loaf of 10-grain bread. SO GOOD. We stopped at the Pennyroyal, because Nathan was/is selling a bunch of the cafe's kitchen stuff (they're changing the whole idea of the place--no cafe anymore) and a lot of Celia's stuff that she didn't want to take with her. We bought a big copper colander and two silver dishes that are comparable to something you would get chicken tikka masala in at Bombay House. After dropping off CB and Emily, we picked up Alan and headed to Rice King for lunch. It was the best lo mein I've ever had there. Or anywhere. It was incredible. What did we even do after that? Oh yeah. We went to Savers (didn't get anything) and Ross (finally got an ice cream scoop). And watched even more IT Crowd.

Saturday night we had an excellent meal at Nancy and Scott's house and played with the kids. Then they took off to see a play at the Scera theater, and Kyle and I got to babysit just Grace! It was fun to have one on one time with the baby of the family. We went to Maceys and got ice cream cones, and fed bread to the ducks at the botany pond. Grace is a riot and we had fun playing with her all night. Again, no pictures. There is something wrong with me!

Sunday we started packing. We're going to be moving to CB/Emily's house around the 20th, so I'm getting started early to avoid stress. I am stressing anyways, unfortunately. BUT we've already made a dent in it, so I'm optimistic. It's only August 3rd! I need more boxes though. Anyone?

Today was Danny's first chemo treatment. I'm sure Christy will blog about it. Think good thoughts for him!


The Boob Nazi said...

How can the Pennyroyal Cafe not be a cafe anymore?

amanda said...

I read the whole thing and thought pictures in my head. I am sure you can do better, but for now it's ok I made up for your missing pictures.

Alicia said...

Hey! This is Christy's old roomie Alicia (I found your blog from hers) and I just wanted to tell you I have an awesome naan recipe that we make all the time. We have a masala recipe that tastes just like the Bombay House. Do you want me to send them to you?

Becca said...

YES! I would LOVE those recipes. Thanks so much Alicia! My gmail address is schmec1013.

Danny and Christy Leininger said...

Thanks Schmec. Glad you had such a fun weekend. Send me the recipe too!

Kyle said...

Monday you, your husband, and some of your friends ate the richest chocolate cake on the planet.

Bryce said...

Boxes: dumpster-diving outside the Creamery was the greatest source Haley and I found.

Alan said...

What the. Nobody ever says "and then we went and had a perfectly normal, average night with Alan."