Sunday, October 25, 2009

Celia's baby shower!

Yesterday was Celia's baby shower. It was totally fun and successful. I rarely enjoy myself at parties that I am in charge of, because I'm too worried the whole time about how it's going. But this time I actually had a good time too! Celia got cute presents, we all had a god time chatting and holding Eliza and Atticus, the food was really good, and Homa (Celia's mom) even got to come! I feel like Ashley's apartment looked really cute. I was quite happy with how it turned out.

A couple of people had left by the time we took this picture, but here's most of us.

Amanda made these cute party favors for everyone.

Coreyann made an adorable diaper cake!
(Side note: Celia is beautiful.)

I made this bunting banner out of NEWSPAPER. So easy and fun.

OH MY GOSH these Oreo Truffles I made were SO GOOD. I was shocked.

The food was awesome. Turkey Harvest Croissants (which Celia always got with us from the MOA Cafe), Oreo truffles, cupcakes, and this delicious peanut butter caramel dip with apples.

Ashley did the writing on these cupcakes and they turned out so cute! She is so great at cake decorating.

I just thought Caitlin looked really pretty in this picture. And cute Atticus is wearing pants that Caitlin made!

Amanda came all the way from Logan! We were so happy about that.

Amanda came and hung out with Kyle/Barbara/me the rest of the day. It was so fun to hang out with her again! I've been missing her. What's up with living so far away anyways? I'm grateful that she's willing to make the drive once in a while. We had a great time going couch shopping! Kyle and I chose one. It's thrilling and beautiful and amazing. We won't be able to get it for another couple of weeks though, because it's shipping from California. I'll be sure to post a picture when we get it--I LOVE IT. It's so us. It's so generous of Ken and Barbara to give us this gift and we are SO EXCITED! We'll have a housewarming party after we get it in our living room.

We've had a great weekend! It's really fun to have Barbara (my mother-in-law) here visiting. Today was her birthday so we ate some brownies and gave her presents--Hunger Games and a Snuggie. (Kyle and I are really proud of those gifts.) Kyle and I bought a great air mattress that's up in one of our rooms and it's been surprisingly comfortable. It doesn't even feel like camping.

I just realized I didn't post a single picture of Eliza from the shower! Sorry.


Karen said...

Tell me about the Oreo things???

TheMoncurs said...

Ken and Barbara? As in...Barbie and Ken?

I'm so sad I don't live up there. I don't actually know Celia in real life, but I LOVE party planning. And baking. And babies. I totally would have helped.

The Boob Nazi said...

I want an oreo now. I blame you.

Danny and Christy Leininger said...

Cute pics! I'm so glad it was so fun. Your banner turned out SO CUTE!

Celia said...

Becca. I love you. Thank you for the gorgeous shower. You and Ashley (with Amanda too) should really start a company! It'd be a great eat. And everyone- the Oreos were the hit of the party. Everyone loved them!

p.s. Kayla- we TOTALLY are friends :) I think the virtual world of blogging brings people together.

Katy said...

It hurts my feelings that I was not at this shower! STUPID CLASS CAMP OUT. I'm glad it was so beautiful and awesome though. You guys did a great job making it wonderful, and Celia did a great job being beautiful and having the dang cutest baby in the world.

Cait said...

Becca (et al.) throws GREAT showers.

el al. said...


amanda said...

I loved coming down there! it was the best! and for real, screw living so far away....oh dang nothing changed, i'll work on it....