Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fact. I am happy.

Black Eyes:

  • Umm...these are hard to come up with right now
  • But I'll try anyways
  • Sometimes my internet is slow
  • Running makes me SO TIRED
  • Cleanliness doesn't happen on it's own
  • No good movies on AMC's Fear Fest lately
  • SNOW
  • 2 weeks until our new couch is delivered

Feathers in my Cap

  • The new "Do Your Ears Hang Low?" Dove/Walmart commercial
  • Wait Until Dark with Julia and Taylor
  • Pomegranate 7Up for the holidays
  • Going to a Pioneer Woman book signing in a week
  • Bearing my testimony to a questioning friend
  • My new house continues to thrill me
  • Finding my Halloween costume at DI
  • Kyle is my husband
My wooden spoon/spatula collection is a serious feather in my cap.  It's not ultra impressive or anything, it just pleases me.  I really need to expand it though.  And I know they are actually rubber scrapers, but, I like "spatula" better.


Celia said...

Fact. I am happy too...BUT I would be happier if I could hang out with you this week. Perhaps tonight? TV Thursday?

Kyle said...

What have I told you about controversial posts?

Karen said...

And granite countertop that your spatulas/wooden spoons are on!!!

Katy said...

Holy mother! You know there are children in the third world who don't have any spatulas AT ALL? Goodness young lady.

Jaclyn said...

Fact. I also collect spatulas (and prefer that title to rubber scrapers). Why am I not surprised that we both do that?! Fact. I'm sad about your conversation with your friend, but glad that you're feeling okay about it. Fact. Your way of describing things makes me happy.