Saturday, October 3, 2009


Kyle and I have no idea what to be for Halloween this year! I would just forget about it, but the Bluffs' are having another sweet party this year so we have to come up with something. This always stresses me out for some reason. Katy has a REALLY cool costume in the makes me want to be clever!

Here's what we've done over the years:

Halloween 2005--
I was a Gopi. Kyle had to work.

Halloween 2006--
Kyle was unbelievably attractive as Superman. I was too busy being dumped by a loser to dress up.

Halloween 2007--
We freaked some people out. If we had been really dedicated, I would have dyed my hair and Kyle would have waxed his eyebrows.

Halloween 2008--
Kyle was a character from his favorite movie, and my hair was really short so I HAD to have a mohawk.

So now what do we do? I guess we don't have to do something together--we didn't last year and it was fine. But I'll just be sad if Kyle has an awesome costume and I am lame. Dang it. It's October--it's officially time to start worrying about it.


The Boob Nazi said...

James: "Yo, for this year, I want to be a gangster. And you know how they always have girlfriends on the side? You could be one of those!"
Me: "So I'd be the whore? Great...."


Celia said...

The nostalgia is overwhelming me...especially the first photo. Oh Katy P.

Katy said...

You could always try to ride my coattails as some other kind of aquatic creature. Really, you should steal my idea entirely and then you and Kyle could be a shark and eagle, respectively, and that would be pretty sweet. I mean, we're not going to be together on Halloween so no one would even know!

Rica said...

I still love your costumes from two years ago...dressing up like each other was AMAZING...and scary.

I never dress up for Halloween, but part of me wants to this year just so I can spray my hair some funky color.

So far the best idea I have is Lucille Ball. If I just had a Ricky...

TheMoncurs said...

OK I saw on some random blog that this couple had dressed up for a Harry Potter party as a Firebolt and the Golden Snitch. It was amazing and I could totally see you pulling it off.

Julia Wooten said...

Well you have to top all the ones from the past, what's the point of Halloween if it doesn't keep getting better? I'm trying to figure out what to be too... I have to be something that kids would get, but that I would enjoy. I might be a transformer but we'll see... If I think of any sweet ideas for you guys will let you know!