Friday, October 2, 2009

Yesterday was both good and evil

House update: I don't want to talk about it.*

Lucy update: SO GOOD. We are having a blast! Kyle and I got to play with her last night while her familia was busy. We had so much fun. She met our friends, got presents (HSM stuff and Cinderella shirt), fed goats, played with Toby and Eliza (she was definitely more interested in Toby than Eliza), and made brownies. (I wish I had pictures of her playing with Toby. She was SO FUNNY.)
Lucy with her Troy pillow and HSM blanket.
Her Cinderella shirt that she is obsessed with.
She kept saying "Yummies for Daddy!" which was adorable.
She asked to hold Eliza and was very gentle. She was good at making sure the blanket was covering the baby.
She had a blast feeding the goats! Hearing her say "Here doat, here doat!" made my entire life worthwhile.

I get to hang out with her more later. Couldn't be more excited!

*We don't get it for another WEEK. The guy who has to sign papers is in Hawaii. We are SO FREAKING MAD.

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Karen said...

Thank you for posting pictures. One of the hard things about having Lucy close is that when she isn't here I get SO lonesome! She looks adorable. I heard about the fun day at Thanksgiving point. I hope that you have pictures of the princess spot. Please post them!!! it looks like you are having so much fun. I would love to see her feed the goats! She has been so fun with her baby, "Baby," that I am not surprised she is good with Eliza. How amazing for her to have a baby around that moves!