Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Here's what I got for my birthday on Wednesday!

From Kyle:
He KNOWS how obsessed I am with Coconut Lime Verbena. So he went and bought me enough delicious smelling stuff to keep me happy for a LONG time. Seriously, the body scrub makes me indescribably happy--and ATTRACTIVE.
He loves to overwhelm me with quantity.

He also got me...
Money at Joann's is like a dream come true. Now I can make all the crafts I want without feeling guilty for buying unnecessary items when we're paying for a house. SO FUN.

AND he got me this beautiful mirror!

I really should have taken a picture where you could see the white crown molding--it looks SO GOOD with the white mirror and beige walls. Wow. We spray painted the mirror white yesterday. It was so easy and fun, and makes such a difference. Every time we walk into the living room we just stare at the wall. It's beautiful!

He ALSO gave me something that I've been wanting for a long time:

An angled spatula! I wanted one ever since Alton talked about it on Good Eats. I used it yesterday to frost a cake. It worked BEAUTIFULLY. I'm obsessed with it. Kyle went all out and I was really excited with my presents from him.

From Katy:

First of all, this pretty necklace from Etsy:

I even used it's magnifying glass function today when looking at my temporary license. YES I GAVE UP MY CALIFORNIA RESIDENCY ON TUESDAY, OKAY? I'm still really sad about it. But at least I have this pretty necklace.

Katy also went delightfully overboard on the DVD front:

Along with an X-Files craze comes, inevitably, a Return To Me craving:

My favorite movie since high school, which I couldn't watch anymore because I have a VHS and no VCR:

And, right in time for Halloween, the best zombie movie ever made:

Oh man that pleases me. I also got some sweet cash from Mom and Dad so I can actually buy furniture for my new home. I have a couple more presents coming that I know of--and I'm very excited. I love that Birthday Week didn't end this year!

Ashley made this beautiful delicious Brazilian cake for my birthday, and Alan brought enough beverages to hydrate an army. It was a nice gesture :)

It was a great birthday. Katy and I saw Zombieland and LOVED IT. I mean, it was gory, but it was so funny and we love zombie movies. I laughed the whole time! And, strangely enough, it made me like Woody Harrelson. I REALLY didn't see that coming. Kyle and Katy and I went to Art City Trolley, a really cute restaurant in Springville that we wanted to try. It turned out to be delicious!

Anyways. Our house is really coming together. I'll post pictures later--although the best part is that bookcase/mirror wall that I already showed you.


The Boob Nazi said...

I want that spatula. Oh how I want that spatula!

Cait said...

That is QUITE the birthday. I love Coconut Lime Verbana as well. Mmmm.

Katy said...

I am OBSESSED with that wall!! Shoot, can I just like sleep on your couch for all of Thanksgiving so that I can always be near it? I...I think that would be great. Also, 28 DAYS LATER PARTY AS SOON AS IT GETS HERE WOOOOOOOOO!

Cannon said...

Perfect timing! Becca I need you to frost something for me. It's just a thin strip that needs frosting and mostly I'm just making this up because I want to see it done with a thin spatula. 28 Days later sounds interesting. If it comes recommended, I second the party only one with thin strips of frosting on things.