Monday, November 2, 2009

Best Online Shopping Ever

Man.  Today I finally spent a Crate and Barrel gift card that we've been hanging on to for a long time.  I really can't remember a time I've been more satisfied by online shopping--and I LOVE online shopping.  Crate and Barrel just KILLS me.  Everything is so pretty and functional and cool to have.  Anyways, I was amazed at how much I could get with the card.  I thought everything there was freakishly expensive, but it turns out that just MOST of the stuff there is freakishly expensive.

We're going to have a lot coming to us in the next couple weeks:

Butter dish.  We need this.

Large and small gravy boats.  It's my first Thanksgiving at my house this year--we NEED gravy boats.

Pizza wheel--pretty standard.

We've been dying for a stainless steel bread box to go on our counter and match our stainless steel appliances.  I'm SO excited for this.

We really need new salt and pepper shakers, and these were so cute.  They're INKWELLS.  Come on.

A spoon rest!  I think these are the best!

A shaker. I plan on using this for putting cinnamon-sugar on my toast.

A cute little sauce dish.

Condiment spoon to go with the sauce dish.

Sifter spoon for putting powdered sugar on french toast, cookies, cake...

SIX of these adorable footed dessert dishes!  SO COOL.  I can't wait to throw a dessert party.  Maybe I'll make chocolate sauce and put it in the small gravy boat. Eating ice cream out of these will feel so fancy.

Anyways.  This probably isn't the most exciting blog post for everyone, but it sure thrills me.  I can't wait to start getting things in the mail!  We only spent forty-five cents on all of this.  FORTY-FIVE CENTS. Even the SHIPPING was free!


Celia said...

I am just so jealous. I LOVE getting packages in the mail!

TheMoncurs said...

Is that pizza cutter plastic? Cause I think I have the same one and I LOVE it. I use it for everything I possibly can.

Brett, Juliann, and Mae said...

I love all of your purchase. Maybe I will use our last wedding gift card, which is from c&b too. :)

Katy said...

oh GOSH I am so excited that I am a part of Thanksgiving so I get to use those dang gravy boats. SHOOT. And I suggest that you get to work finding footed dish deserving desserts and then making them for me.

Jaclyn said...

I love that last bowl and those gravy boats just ahead of Thanksgiving. Crate & Barrel is divine-- someday my whole kitchen will come from there.
ps. Saying gravy boats makes me feel like I've officially arrived in the adult woman category...