Monday, November 2, 2009

Wonder of wonders

Other than Halloween, Saturday was awesome for another reason.  We had an Ikea miracle.

There's this big (huge, actually) cabinet that we'd been wanting for our guest bathroom.  We picked it out at Ikea over a month ago, and we had just been waiting to use a vehicle large enough to pick it up.  Things fell through, cars broke down--we just were NOT meant to get this thing!  And then, Amanda generously offered to transport it for us when she came down last Saturday.  Kyle and I went to Ikea to purchase the beast early, so that by the time Jack and Amanda made it to Ikea we would have it ready to load.  We figured out the aisle and bin numbers that we needed to pick up the parts, and headed to the bottom floor to locate our boxes.

And then they didn't have it.  The bin which was supposed to hold the frame of the wardrobe was entirely empty.  We were DEVASTATED.  We had tried for so long to get it, and this was our ONE CHANCE.  I called Amanda and told her to forget it.  It was so sad.  Kyle went to check the As-Is section, even though it was ridiculous to hope that they had anything for us.  Amanda said that they were going to come anyways, because she and Jack wanted to look around at Ikea.

And then--MIRACLE OF MIRACLES.  There was a stack of the EXACT size/color/type of cabinet that we wanted, still in their boxes.  Not only that, they were 75% off!  Instead of this particular component being $100, it was $25.  That meant that it was bound to be DESTROYED and unusable.  We thought that maybe if we bought several, we would have a chance at having all the parts that we needed and still close to the same price.  We inspected the boxes.  It looked like a forklift had picked up the shipment wrong--there were huge gouges out of the sides of the boxes and pieces of wood.  Most were too far gone to use.  And then, after Jack helped move around the boxes because I'm too weak to be much help to Kyle, we got to the bottom box.  No holes or gouges.  Still $25.  They wouldn't let us open the box--As-Is is all about risk.  We decided to risk it.  Amanda and Jack drove the parts down to Springville.  We definitely owe them.

We inspected the frame yesterday.  PERFECT.  Not a scratch on it.  It was 75% cheaper than we thought, and it was in perfect condition.  Kyle and I feel like freaking out!  What were the odds that As-Is would have the exact thing we needed, for so cheap, for no reason?  OH MY GOSH.  This brought the total price down from somewhere around $350 to only $260 or so.  We're so excited.  I love when things like that happen.  I am feeling so Ikea patriotic right now.

Kyle built the cabinet and it is great.  It is GIGANTIC and capacious.  We now have all the storage we could possibly need.  And it's really pretty too!


Celia said...

I can't wait to see it in its full glory at your house!

Karen said...

So exciting! Nothing like getting an unexpected and wonderful bargain!!!

Jack and Amanda said...

That looks awesome! I am now upset that we didn't buy one...but not because where would we have put it. it looks awesome