Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Obligatory (but Sincere) Gratitude Post

Tomorrow will be the first Thanksgiving under my own roof.  Mom and Dad are getting in today and I'm freakishly excited.  We're going to cook the meal together (well Mom, Katy, and I are) (ok maybe not Katy) and it's going to be perfect.  Because it's just the 5 of us, we get to cook the things that are our favorites and not have a million nasty side dishes.  Kyle gets his green bean casserole, Dad gets his sweet potatoes with mini marshmallows (this just enforces the fact that men are weird) and Mom/Katy/I get our nice, normal, delicious food.

This Thanksgiving I have a ton to be grateful for.  I guess I do every Thanksgiving.  Here's the creme de la creme:

1. Modern Medicine

Of course this is a basic one, but this year I have been astounded and immensely grateful for it.  While chemotherapy is in some ways the worst thing in the world, it is also saving Danny's life.  My family talks a lot of smack about chemo, but once in a while we have to stop and remember how amazing it is.  It's amazing that Danny was diagnosed in July and is now cancer-free.  This might be his last cycle of chemo--we're all praying for it.  We're fasting for it on Nov. 29th.  Danny overcoming cancer is something to be extremely grateful for, and I'm so happy that modern medicine can help him achieve that.  And HE should be grateful that he looks so good bald.

2. My New House

Kyle and I absolutely love our new house.  We know we did the right thing by moving to Springville (even though it's sad to be far from California).  I feel good about our neighborhood and our ward.  We are still in awe of our cute condo.  It's so pretty!

4. Our Family

Family is such a freaking big deal.  I'm excited that mine has grown, as I've joined the Vaughn family.  It's so fun to get to know them and know that I belong to them too now!  And as the Andersons have gone through trauma this year, we've grown even stronger and closer.  I'm incredibly grateful for the blessings that having a big loving family brings.  This week, my Vaughn parents and my Anderson parents will even get to hang out together for a little while!  That hasn't happened since...the wedding?

5. Kyle

Love of my freaking life. What can I say more?  Kyle has changed me and my life in incredible ways.  I love him like crazy, and I love our life together.  Knowing that we're going to be in love forever and be freakishly happy is...peaceful. And mind-blowing.

Also...he's FREAKING HOT.

Ok! Time to do laundry and clean the house before Mom shows up!


Danny and Christy Leininger said...

You made me cry-yes that is a bit ridiculous, but oh well. Good post.

Julia Wooten said...

Oooh I wonder what number 3 is... You're allowed to have secrets though Becca

Jaclyn said...

Great post-- love your choices. Love your bookshelves!

Celia said...

I love that you love Kyle so much. You two make me happy.