Friday, November 27, 2009


Dad and I got to Sam's Club at 4 this morning.  It was pretty organized and relaxed (when you compare it to Walmart where people get trampled to death) but still...let's just say that in a Black Friday situation, some people's baser instincts kick in.  People were lying and cheating and displaying a general lack of integrity!  Dad and I both can't help but get really righteously indignant when people cheat.  It's okay though, because we got what we went for!  I can't say what we got because it's Kyle's Christmas present.  Afterwards, Dad and I came down from the adrenaline rush by eating french toast at Ihop. I just had to document my first foray into the world of Black Friday.

Thanksgiving was awesome.  Our food was sooo good and my house looked cute.  The maiden voyage of my fancy dishes went really well!  After lunch, Celia and Eliza came over, along with Nancy and Scott and the kids--for mass quantities of pie.  Celia brought an amazing chocolate fudge pie (which was my favorite), I made a couple PW chocolate pies, and Mom and Katy made a pumpkin pie.  Scott even hand-whipped the whipped cream.  It was basically amazing.

Today--decorating for Christmas, Christmas music, leftovers for lunch, and Park City outlets!

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Celia said...

It was so much fun! I am so glad I came!