Monday, November 30, 2009


Well, it turns out that I'm in California.  Again.  This surprises me, Kyle, and everyone else, but none more than Christy and Danny!  This week is a huge week in terms of Danny's test results, so good news or bad, I wanted to be here.  Mostly I wanted to make Christy happy and help out as much as I can--plus it's going to be fun!  So I thought about it on Saturday night and ended up driving with Mom and Dad back to CA on Sunday.  We made it in record time because we were so excited to see Christy's face when she saw me. Dad took a couple pictures when I opened the door:

Lucy was at the door first.  She was almost entirely unfazed.  She just stood there with a surprised smile on her face for a while, and then said "Hi!" and ran to hug my mom, who she really missed :)

Christy was on the phone with Katy when she came to the door (we are SO SAD that Katy isn't here too--stupid school) so she didn't completely lose her head bawling.  She was really surprised.  Danny was happy, as you can see.

Once the shock wore off, Christy got excited to plan our week and do fun things.  It's a relief week for Danny which means no chemo and he can have fun with us!

The main reason I can do things like this is that I married someone wonderful.  My whole family is really grateful to Kyle for letting me be here.  It's hard because I practically just got back from a week in California--Kyle and I really miss each other.  For some reason I was way sadder than usual to leave him this time.  But we talked everything out and weighed pros and cons and decided that it was important for me to support my family right now.  He is really understanding.  And cute.  AND he gets major brownie points from everyone, which we'll cash in someday when WE have a sucky trial to get through.

Hopefully on Tuesday we'll find out that Danny doesn't have to do any more cycles of chemo.  Prayers are appreciated!


Rica said...

Prayers are with you guys. Love the photos and love that you're able to be out there with them. I'm waiting for results of my Grandpa's cancer on Tuesday as well.

Hope we both get good news!

Celia said...

I'm sending lots of prayers and positivity your way. Kyle is definitely the best...but so are you too.

Nancy said...

How totally fun! I love spontaneity (did I spell that right?). Anyway, I will call Kyle and see if he would like to dine with us whilst you're away. :)