Friday, December 18, 2009

So happy

  • It's Ludichristmas! I get to see Lucy open a million little princessy presents.  For some reason, my sisters and I had the most fun buying each other dollar store presents.  We could be random and fun because we already have real presents for each other.  I think Kyle will get the most presents tonight.  I'm glad--he deserves it because the rest of us had fun together all week while he had to be at work.  Kyle misses out on a lot of fun but never resents it--he's such a good worker.

This will be even better once I find an extension cord and plug in the tree lights.
  • I got to spend a whole week with both sisters.  That hasn't happened in a while--we're rarely all together these days :(  Katy had finals this week, so that cut in to our time together, but I treasured the moments we were all together.  Sappy but true.
  • Last night we finished season two of Supernatural.  It was more fun than usual because Christy finally got to watch it!  We introduced Katy to it a disc ago, and she was instantly hooked.  One of my favorite parts is discussing who is better, Jared Padalecki or Jensen Ackles.  You'd be surprised who likes who (mostly, you'd be surprised that Kyle has a favorite).  I am immaturely obsessed with this show and we have had so much fun watching it--can't wait to pick up with season 3 after we get back from Amarillo.  We better have those Netflix discs waiting in our mailbox when we get back!
  • Ashley got me an amazingly thoughtful Christmas present.  She doesn't read blogs (we just can't get her into it) but she is just such a good friend I had to mention it because it made me so happy. It belongs on the list.
  • Itunes free holiday sampler.  Listening to it right now. So festive.
  • This season of SYTYCD is over, which means a new one starts soon, and hopefully there will be dancers I can actually love.  I liked lots of people this time around, but I never loved anyone the way I loved Jason.  It's not as fun when you don't care all that much.  All I cared about was Russell not winning--I would have been fine with anyone else in the Top 6.  And he won.  Oh well.  I hope next season is more exciting.
  • I spent all day with Lucy yesterday!  I babysat all morning and enjoyed every second of it.  Then she didn't take a nap because she's an adorable ratstink so I got to play with her for even longer!  I secretly love it when she doesn't fall asleep in her nap--she just sits in her crib and reads her Cinderella book to herself.  Out loud--she has it memorized.  Add she YELLS her favorite parts.  It's hysterical!  After an hour of that (usually she goes for longer) she wanted to be taken out of her crib so we laid down in my bed and read books to ourselves.  We all ate Little Caesars for dinner and watched Supernatural all night once Lucy went to bed.  It was basically heaven.
  • Tomorrow Kyle and I are driving to Amarillo!  We are going to have a great drive.  I'm packing sandwiches so we don't get stranded in the snow and starve to death.  Also, so we don't have to stop as often--we want to get there as quickly as possible.  I'm going to read Catching Fire to him on the way there.  I wonder how long it'll take/how long my voice can keep it  up?  I read most of Hunger Games to him while driving, so I know from experience that it makes the trip go really fast.  They are just such freakishly good books!  So I plan on having fun on the drive there.  
  • Then, we'll be in Amarillo for a whole week.  It's going to be really fun. I want to know my sisters-in-law better!  I haven't seen them since the wedding.  I'm so dang shy and awkward that I'm still a little nervous, but I know that they are awesome and once I can be a normal human, we'll be great friends.  This week is a great opportunity for me to be more comfortable.  AND a great opportunity for me to get my hands on my new niece Naomi.  I can't wait to hold her and kiss her--she is SO CUTE.  I'm really excited about that.  We're also going to hang out with Kyle's friend Braxton and his wife Mary Beth.  We went to their wedding in Amarillo last year, and they came to our wedding in California.  I know we'll have fun together.  The other exciting thing that Amarillo has is Rosa's Tortilla Factory Cafe.  I am obsessed with tortillas (often that's all I order when I go to Mexican restaurants--nothing beats tortillas and beans), and Rosa's has hands-down the best tortillas I've ever eaten.  They are incredible.  I can't wait to go there several times next week.
  • OH and it feels like Christmas is just around the corner! 


The Boob Nazi said...

I'm trying to get into the Christmas spirit. It's not happening.

Rica said...

Jensen! It's all about Jensen!

Becca said...

For the record, I'm with you, Erica.

Kyle said...

One word, Samwithhisshirtoff. 'nuff said.

Jaclyn said...

Have I said lately that I love your blog? I've never tried
"The Supernatural" - maybe I should try it! Hope you have loved NM!!

Anonymous said...

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