Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Restaurant!

Kyle and I LOVE finding new fun places to eat.  It's always so exciting and I feel like I have to tell everyone about it. 

Tonight we (and Katy and Ashley) went to Slab Pizza.  I saw it over on CJane's blog and decided we had to try it.  You go and for $3.75 get a QUARTER OF A PIZZA.  And okay, it's disgusting to eat a quarter pizza, BUT not this kind.  This pizza is light and thin and for some reason, totally fabulous.  I can't eat much at one time, and yeah I was definitely full after eating there, but I didn't even feel sick.  It helps that the pizza is really really good.  And it's pretty fun to hold a whole quarter pizza and just EAT IT.

I liked the tables and chairs and music.  We chatted with the owner guy and he was really cool.  They've only been there a month but they're doing really well apparently.

They have really interesting kinds of pizza.  3 of us just got pepperoni because that's what we like, but Ashley got a delicious BBQ chicken pizza.  CJane posted about the Thai Chicken, which is all peanut buttery, which sounds crazy. 

Oh the weird part--it's under Campus Plaza.  I assumed that the only places under Campus Plaza were sketchy barbershops, BUT apparently not!  We didn't let that stop us from trying it, and it definitely won't stop us from going back. 

It just felt like a really cool, kind of funky place.  We are definitely excited about going back.  We just have to make sure to be really hungry when we do.

I'd post pictures but I'm on the wacko computer--our hard drive is shot so we're running on a Linux cd or something--I have no clue what enables me to be on the internet right now, Alan did something cool to it.  We'll get a new hard drive one of these days.


Amanda Swafford said...

I've been totally excited to try it, and finally got over there once, only to find it wasn't wheelchair accessible at all. BOO! So I'm gonna have to try it take-out style sometime. Glad to know it's worth the effort though!

The Boob Nazi said...

Under Campus Plaza and good? IMPOSSIBLE.

Cait said...

We're totally going sometime. You showed me Rice King. I trust you with restaurant recommendations implicitly.