Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ok...I'm cringing

I need to get over my awkwardness about tummy pictures.  I mean, I love when other people put them up!  They are cute and I am always curious about how big people are getting.  So last night, after Christy told me about how I'll regret not documenting my pregnancy, Kyle and I took a couple pictures on our way to dinner.  And it was SO MUCH WORSE than I thought!  I was embarrassed in front of KYLE, which is just ridiculous.  I just can't get the hang of it! It's impossible for me to not have an ugly sheepish look on my face, showing my awkwardness.  SO here's one with my face cut off.  It's a step in the right direction, okay?  I'll work on including my whole body next time.

Anyways, here is my stomach at 23 weeks, nearly 6 months!

Kyle felt left out so he took this next one.  He thinks it's hilarious.  I think my stomach looks freakishly huge.  Like...GROSS!

EDIT: Ok, ten minutes or so after posting this, I am hating how it ends on that creepy picture, but I also think it's funny so I don't want to delete it.  I decided this next one isn't SO bad, and it's almost LESS awkward if it's my whole face and not just my torso.  Am I overthinking the tummy picture concept?  YES I AM.  

What are you supposed to do with your arms? I see everyone cradling their stomach in these pictures...but I felt like an idiot doing that.  So I just kind of...stand there.  Kyle admonished me for hunching over so in this one I threw my shoulders back and it looks weird. 


Nikki said...

I felt really awkward the first few times taking belly pictures as well...I put my hands on my hips for a long time, then when I felt big enough (and comfortable enough) I started putting my hands on my belly. Eventually it will become second nature to just rest your hands your belly. :)

Kyle said...

You don't look weird at all! If you want weird, look at my face! What's with that!

TheMoncurs said...

Becca, this is why I love you. You are kind of crazy in the best possible way.

I always stand with my hands on my hips unless directed otherwise by my photographer. I've noticed that my hands look EXACTLY the same on my hips through both pregnancies (namely, my pinky is doing something weird) so I apparently have a regular stance.

You look cute!

Celia said...

I am so glad there is someone who worries about the same things I do out there. Becca, I love you! You are the cutest pregnant lady.

Karen said...

Finally! I love the shots! And you just can't say gross or you will hurt Velocity's feelings! You make a very cute pregnant girl.

Jessica Rabbit said...

BECCA, YOU ARE ADORABLE!!!!! And I'm not saying that to ease your preggo insecurities; I'm saying that because from the moment I saw the pictures that phrase just bubbled up from within, full of joy and exuberance, and I couldn't hold it back without risking an explosion. ^___^

Katy said...


Did the caps lock really brign the message home? I hope so. And I
m glad you did a full head'ed picture, because the torso-only shot was a LIITLE bit creepy. Just because, why is that torso wearing such a cute shirt?

Cait said...

I think they are so weird feeling too! I don't know why. I always overcompensated the awkwardness by making really stupidly excited faces.