Wednesday, June 2, 2010

oh, blogging

Miracle of miracles, it didn't rain on Memorial Day!  That hasn't happened in ages.  (Ok, I actually don't remember if it rained last year, but it CERTAINLY did the year before that.  I only remember that because we were moving in to our new apartment and I have pictures.)  That meant that not only did Kyle wear TEVAS (the first teva day of the year is always very exciting) but we also had a fun barbecue (hot dogs and chicken and MUDDY BUDDIES, the latter was not grilled) and played games with friends and whatnot.  ALSO we went shopping for KYLE--that never ever EVER happens.  The only new clothes he ever gets are gifts from both sides of the family.  For such a snazzy dresser, this has to be hard on the guy.  Buying clothes for him just about made my day.   Spring is certainly here finally, evidenced by our blasting air conditioner (pregnancy makes you easily overheat, okay?) and lack of full length pants.

We continue to:
--get snow cones at every opportunity
--play with Eliza every day
--look forward to our Tahoe vacation in just two weeks!
--decorate the baby room (it is looking awesome)
--enjoy our Netflix on the Wii
--get excited about the upcoming Top 20 of SYTYCD
--stay late at work nearly every day (just Kyle, my "job" is babysitting Eliza every day and I just do that at home)
-- take lots of trips to Joanns

For the first time we:
--ate Thai food 
--have enjoyed playing games with friends (several times even! we usually hate games!)
--have had long nails for at least two months now (ok that one is just me)
--don't throw up all the time (me again)
--ok I actually can't think of anything else that technically applies to this category

I had my 6 month doctor appointment yesterday--nothing exciting.  Velocity's measuring a week bigger than normal--instead of meaning an earlier due date, this means a good-sized baby.  Andersons don't have puny babies so this comes as no surprise to me.  Doc also said my weight gain is "outstanding"--that isn't something you usually hear so I felt like giving him a hug.  I'm actually just barely back to my pre-pregnancy weight so apparently very little weight gain is great weight gain at this point.

Lots of you probably already read Christy's blog about starting IVF--as the one going through it she has to be reserved and everything when she talks about it.  I, on the other hand, feel no such restraint and let me just tell you we are SO THRILLED and EXCITED and FREAKING OUT.  This is a huge deal and everything is just falling into place and I know that it will go really well, even though the process obviously sucks.  They beat the crap out of cancer and are now totally going to dominate infertility.  They are cool folks, guys.  We'll definitely be praying for the happiest of outcomes, which will be another baby to kiss.  Christy and I have always talked/dreamed about being pregnant at the same time, and there's a chance that can happen, which makes me feel like crying.  Anyways.  This is the thing that I think about the most so I had to blog it!

Eliza is waking up in the Pack n Play so I gotta run give her a bottle and a squeeze!


Danny and Christy Leininger said...

You're sweet. I hope we get one month of pregnancy together!

Kyle said...

Good blog!

Martin said...

Great post! So I'm dying to know... did you like the Thai food? If so, I know a FANTASTIC place! Maybe we could all go together some time! Glad to hear you aren't barfing that much anymore!

Lisa said...

Ya, by the way... The comment from "Marty" was from me, I didn't realize he was logged in!

Celia said...

I am so happy you enjoyed playing games! That about made my day to read. This has been one of my favorite posts of yours. You just sound so happy!

Karen said...

Really, Thai food?? I would love it if someone else liked it as I do! Then I would have a place to go with you specially!

Becca said...

Thai food was good! I got some pineapple curry (the sauce and chicken were incredible, the pineapple freaked me out) and Kyle got a really common curry that I can't remember the name of...Mussaman? We decided that it's a hybrid of Indian and Chinese food, both of which we prefer to Thai, but we still definitely liked it and would eat it again!