Friday, June 4, 2010

Goal=more frequent blogging

Three things:

1)My insurance covers the epidural!  We had heard that it wasn't covered and that made me MAD.  We were still going to fork over however much cash it was, but I just thought that was lame.  So now I don't have to be mad AND the whole delivery process will be cheaper than we expected.  FYI--it costs a lot of money to carry and birth a baby, even with insurance.  Good thing Kyle is an excellent saver and has taught me his ways.

2)Hair trauma.  Oh man.  This is why I should never color my hair.  I do it on a spur of the moment impulse once in a million years, and then I have to suffer the consequences when it starts to grow out because I'm not willing to do the upkeep.  In the past, I've only dyed my hair darker (and I guess that was like 5 or 6 years ago--remember my black hair phase? Yikes.).  So no growing out problems.  BUT 3ish months ago I decided to dye it a shade or two blonder.  The difference wasn't extreme--just barely noticeable.  BUT that wasn't taking into account that my hair would GROW IN DARKER because of the whole pregnancy-changes-everything-about-you thing.  So now I have The Root Issue, which I have never before faced.  I don't want to just dye it again because then I'll just have the same problem later and I don't want to be someone who constantly dyes their hair.  So what do you do in this situation?  Dye everything darker? That sucks, because it's already hard for me that pregnancy is dampening my blondness, I couldn't purposely do it to myself!  I'm tempted to just chop off all my hair so drastically that roots are a non-issue. Or would blonde highlights help disguise the issue, and not be a problem later?  I know this is extremely stupid to blog about.  It's just been BUGGING ME and I feel ugly and I don't know how to solve the problem.  The moral is: I should never dye my hair EVER.  Lesson learned.

3) Kyle just got home from work 4 hours early because he had to work late every day this week!  Best day ever.  I will now hang out with him.


Brittany said...

I hear ya! My roots are awful. I know I need to do something about it, but am apparently too lazy. I keep telling myself I'll do it when I'm not pregnant anymore, but I've still got a few months to go and what are the chances of getting it done then? For some reason, pregnancy has been a huge excuse for me to stop caring. That's not a good thing...

Brittany said...

oh, and I like your new goal because I love your posts. :)