Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Separation Anxiety

In August of 08 I blogged about how sad I was to be separated from Kyle for the first time since the wedding.  I NEVER handled separation well--even when we were dating.  The first (only time) we were separated then was for a week over Christmas, before I left my family to meet his for New Years.  And that was MISERABLE and I bawled at the airport.  Oh, and for a week right before we got married--that was even worse.  I cried for DAYS over that one.

Since then, I have left Kyle many times--always to visit home or go on a family trip that Kyle has to miss out on because of work.  And I am ALWAYS miserable about it.  I am of course so excited for whatever trip it is I'm taking, but being apart from Kyle is the worst!  I still hate it.  We've now been married for two years and I think I should have gotten used to it.  I definitely handle it better than I did back when we first got married--I think I drive everyone a bit less crazy with my sighing and complaining about Kyle's absence.  (I think my sadness has morphed from being sad because my husband isn't with me into being sad because everything is cooler and more fun when Kyle is around and I miss him.)  But still, I always cry the night before I leave and when he drops me off at the airport.  Without fail.  In twenty years will this still happen, as I go visit our kids in college or whatever?  When will I get used to it?

ANYWAYS tonight he is dropping me off at the airport again.  I did cry last night, but I'll try to be brave as he drops me off!  Knowing pregnancy hormones as I do, I highly doubt I'll be successful.


Amanda Swafford said...

I'm sad when I leave at the airport, but it's not until my first night away from Jeremy when I'm in bed alone that I really cry. It's the worst!

TheMoncurs said...

I think it's sweet that you still hate being away. And it makes me feel kind of guilty that I don't mind it. :)

Becca said...

It's sweet OR I'm an over-emotional crazy.