Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Andfam 2010!

I just got back from an awesome vacation!  I am sunburned and sore, totally good signs that the first ever Anderson family reunion was amazingly successful.  We stayed at a beautiful condo right on Lake Tahoe and had a blast hanging out together.  My favorite activities were:

  • kayaking every day (down the Truckee River, on the lake when it was smooth, on the lake when it was choppy, etc.)
  • reading on the pier/on our balcony
  • badminton
  • doing puzzles
  • eating in every night
  • cards/games
  • watching the World Cup
  • waking up early and taking a ton of naps
It was basically heaven for Kyle and me.   Kyle certainly needed to decompress from work (which has been crazy lately) so I was glad we got to sleep whenever we wanted, especially after exhausting ourselves physically from all the fun things we were doing.  We went kayaking together several times for what felt like HOURS--which was definitely my favorite part.  Kayaking has always been one of my family's favorite activities so it was extra fun that Kyle got to experience it for the first time.

I don't think that me playing badminton was a pretty sight.  Especially the one time I actually moved to hit the birdie and, of course, fell down.  YES pregnancy has made me especially graceful.

Lucy is kind of obsessed with "the baby in my tummy" and always talks about her.  She also talks about the baby in HER tummy...which gets interesting/hilarious.

Katy made us these awesome shirts.  (I get partial credit because giving her a silk screen for Christmas was MY idea.)  They are totally awesome! robots.  She even made a sweet robot onesie for Velocity.

Lucy always got the last piece in.  (This was early in the morning...which explains why I look so great.)

We are kind of sad to be back--except Christy and Danny, who probably just got off the plane in HAWAII.  They are staying there for a week, which is why I am staying in Concord for a week to help watch Lucy with Mom.  We are having a ton of fun--BUT it also meant that I had to have ANOTHER airport farewell with Kyle.  This one was even suckier!  Lame pregnancy hormones/love.  I miss the guy already.


TheMoncurs said...

You are so darling pregnant.

Also, I haven't seen you in ages and ages. I wish you could come visit me.

Celia said...

I love the shirts. I love how cute you are pregnant. Please come back soon!!

Kaity said...

i REALLY hope katy had the forethought, or afterthought to craft me one of those shirts. i will almost die if not.

wsb said...

Man, lemme tell you, as far as photographic fat camoflauge goes, Lucy is NUMBER ONE.