Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lucy Fun Times

My week taking care of Lucy was incredibly awesome.

Noteworthy but not pictured: my first trip to the dentist since I got married (whoops), going to the opera in San Francisco with Mom and Katy, seeing Toy Story 3 and Eclipse, and millions of hours spent painting Velocity's crib.


Katy said...

:( Katy miss Becca-gail.

Katy said...

OH MY GOSH in the process of commenting I believe I have hit upon the BEST POSSIBLE NAME for Velocity--I mean, our family has LONG needed a Webigail, amirite? Huh, I wonder how you spell that so that it doesn't look like some struggling internet business. I leave these details to YOU.

Kaity said...

ooo grandma's getting a little action there. i like that (in an appropriate, not creepy way) i also like katy-gail's idea for velocity and/or future struggling internet business. good think kate.