Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Movie Fun Times

Normally I can go months without going to a movie theater, but this month I feel like I've gone a million times. I saw a couple movies in California, and a couple here in Utah when my parents were visiting. I am pretty sick of the Cinemark ads that I now have memorized.

Toy Story 3 was fun and very clever.  Mom and I took Lucy to see it, which she was thrilled about.  Woody continues to bug me, because he isn't funny at all--just kind of lame and warm-hearted, I guess.  I absolutely loved Ken though--he was hilarious.  His passion for clothes just about did me in.  I didn't even notice that he was the voice of Michael Keaton. Totally random.  And Spanish Buzz was REALLY FUNNY.

I think it was a cute movie that was plenty entertaining.  Mom did cry in the end, but that's just because crying is in her genetic makeup.

Okay now.  We all know that Twilight is horrible and literary garbage and shouldn't exist and all that.  As a snobby English major, I do have to say that.  But as a HUMAN FEMALE I also have to say that I get the biggest kick out of it and have read all the books as soon as they come out and have seen the movies multiple times.  Okay and maybe I've read the books multiple times, but I am not ready to admit that yet.

ANYWAYS.  Eclipse was great.  It was technically better than New Moon, which actually meant it wasn't as fun to watch (less mocking and laughing at makeup/dialogue/acting/everything about it), but did mean it's more of a real movie.  The action has improved, the acting is better, and everyone looks more attractive.  It's too bad they're figuring all this stuff out on the THIRD MOVIE, but thats okay.  I was actually shocked that I thought RPattz looked pretty good--I usually think he's pretty freaky looking.  He's less pasty and tortured--more like a real boy who you could actually want to be around.  Jacob looks about the same to me (which is still way more attractive than RPattz).  Bella and Edward kiss more, BUT I don't want to cringe and die every time they kiss, so it works out okay.  Anyways, it was fun and funny and silly and ridiculous and awkward and everything I wanted it to be.  I saw it with my sisters and Mom and Marilyn--Christy (okay and maybe all of us) giggled until she was red in the face in some parts (the tent scene!).  OH and yes Charlie is still my favorite. I find him delightful.  My biggest complaint:  no Michael Sheen.  Very disappointing. He's hysterical and charming as Aro.  As there is basically no story they had to follow in Eclipse anyways, they should have just written him in.

I may or may not have plans to see it tonight with Celia and Ashley.  JUST because I promised I'd see it with them, but then ended up staying in CA a couple extra days and my sisters demanded I see it.  I swear this is not my fault.  (Secretly I'm excited to see it again.) (Can't admit it though.) (And really I'm only paying to see it once, that makes it better right?)  (I am clearly a tortured individual with no sense of self or dignity.)


Oh man. I thought The A-Team was hilarious.  It was SO entertaining!  I loved it. We all loved it. It was a silly remake of an old silly show, so it was of course ridiculous, but just so FUN.  And the casting was great.

Instead of making me mad, Bradley Cooper was charming.  His character was awesome.

The guy from District 9 did a great job and was really humorous.  I'm glad he's in this movie, because I didn't like District 9 at all but I really liked him.

The fake Mr. T was perfect, I thought--not too Mr. T, but enough like Mr. T to make it funny.  

And Liam Neeson.  My word, Liam Neeson.  

I almost shouldn't say anything about him because I'm a married woman, BUT luckily my husband loves and worships Liam just about as much as I do. Kyle understands.  If we name our first son Liam, you will all know why.  Anyways, let's just say that DANG he's still got it.  They even dye his hair silver and he looks FANTASTIC.

I guess that's all I have to say about this movie.  Oh and I hate Jessica Biel, but she didn't ruin it.

This was in the dollar theater.  And...meh.  The kid is kind of a wannabe Zac Efron, without being as cute and likable as Zac Efron.  I like that Sean Bean is in it, but he wasn't in it enough to make it worth it.  Oh and the red-haired doctor who I think I like in Grey's Anatomy is in it...but again, not very much. 

It was an okay movie version of a book that is slightly better than okay.  Maybe that isn't fair, the book is...pretty good I guess.  Just not anything I'd get really excited about.

I guess that's just 4...but 4 is a lot to see in just 2 or 3 weeks, for me!


Jennifer Ricks said...

Sad to say that I got all choked up at the end of Toy Story 3--it's was embarrassing. I blame it on lingering pregnancy/nursing hormones, but you can tell your mom that she wasn't alone!

The Boob Nazi said...

I loved District 9. I forgot all about what else I was going to say when you said you didn't like it....

Wait, I did giggle in all the parts of Eclipse when they kissed, but I also saw it with my dad haha.

Karen said...

You know that you just like the silver hair because it reminds you of Dad's great hair!!

Danny and Christy Leininger said...

Such fun posts! Thanks for your reviews. You made me want to see A Team-and I didn't think anyone could do that. Why do I hate Bradley Cooper lately? He just doesnt seem enough like Will, and I LOVED Will. Poor Will is still in witness protection somewhere and Bradley is out smooching Hot actresses-but glad he was good in this.

Katy said...

Well, Christy basically STOLE my comment....but I'm glad that she too holds on to the idea of Will just out there anonymously working construction jobs whilst his evil doppelganger Bradley Cooper is some Hollywood a-hat. Which actually is something that could have happened within Alias, they were TOTALLY into doppelgangers there for a while.