Monday, July 19, 2010

Fake camping and mass quantities of ice cream

We had a weirdly awesome weekend!  There was very little time spent watching TV or trying to decide what to do.  Usually it takes a while for us to decide something that a)we BOTH want to do, b)isn't too much of a hassle, and c)isn't too much money.  Often we decide to just give up and do nothing!  But for some reason, things just came together this weekend in a way that I liked.

Friday night--after snow cones with CB and Emily, we brought our Smokey Joe to their backyard and used it as a fire pit.  This is because we always have the "Let's go camping!" conversation with them, and then we decide camping is too uncomfortable and a hassle (Kyle decides that at least!)(and then I remember I'm pregnant and don't want to go to the bathroom in the woods 3x in the night) so we decide to just go have a bonfire somewhere, until we remember that it's a hassle to get wood, drive up the canyon, and find a spot where it isn't illegal.  SO the best solution--the Smokey Joe! in the backyard!  And it was perfect.  CB and Emily had the brilliant idea of roasting LIL' SMOKIES.  THE BEST THING TO EAT IN THE WORLD.  It was so funny to have tiny lil' smokies on the ends of our hangers.  And then dipping them in a bowl of barbecue sauce=heaven.  Oh and we roasted marshmallows too of course.

To us, this is the most fun part of camping...but without all the hassle.  We all had so much fun that we decided to do it ALL THE TIME.  We stayed up too late chatting though--maybe next time we will just bring sleeping bags and sleep on the lawn back there.  Now that their neighbors have moved, I don't have to worry about the little chihuahua coming and ripping my face off --which he always wanted to do. That dog and I were mortal enemies.

Saturday (after Kyle went in to work) we drove up to Logan!  We have wanted to for ages, and this weekend there was nothing standing in our way AND Amanda and Jack were free all day.  We had a GREAT TIME!  They just moved into a new apartment so we helped move things in a tiny bit, and then spent about 3 hours figuring out where to hang pictures.  They now have an amazing picture wall which I am very excited about.  We ate dinner at Angie's, Where The Locals Eat.  After our meal we ordered The Kitchen Sink:

We only ordered one for the four of us, FYI.  The pictures make it look like there's two!  Between the four of us, it wasn't too hard to polish off.  Amanda did have to take it for the team and finish it off:

I wish we had taken a picture with the cool bumper sticker they gave us for finishing.  

Amanda and Jack took us around to see the sights of Logan and I felt like I got a pretty good feeling for the city.  We really like it--it's cute and the mountains there are beautiful.  After several more hours of chatting, Kyle and I drove home in crazy construction traffic (at midnight! what the heck).

Sunday was normal and good. Church seems to take up our whole day because our ward doesn't meet until 1:30.  We watched a lot of Lost (two seasons to go!) and sat on our balcony reading.  Our next goal is to get actual patio furniture so we do that more often!


Cannon said...

As I'm looking out the window, Logan is real nice right now... I'm here! My sister just had my first nephew so we're all running around the house keeping the little ones busy. I could go for some ice cream though...

Danny and Christy Leininger said...

I'm loving that you blog so frequently. Makes me happy every time I check! Thanks for all the fun pics-glad you had so much fun with your friends!

The Boob Nazi said...

I want the kitchen sink right now. Why do so many people blog about fooooood?

Emily said...

Hahaha, Kyle's hanger got Kasey right in the eye!

Whitney said...

are you watching lost for the first time?! I'm so excited for you! me and cody were and still are addicted to that show-we're just waiting an appropriate length of time and then will start all over (he has them all on dvd)

Katy said...

Oh man oh man, lil smokies cook-off sounds like the BEST THING IN LIFE. DUDE.