Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We're to single digits!

That's right, only 9 weeks left.  It sounds better than 10--still feels like an eternity though.

I've been focusing lately on getting things ready for the baby (um....obviously).  Last month we were all into decorating the baby's room, and I feel pretty done with that.  Now I'm figuring out what we need.  We have been given a TREMENDOUS amount of the baby gear that we need. Stroller, Pack n Play, car seat, etc.  I'm so grateful for hand-me-downs!  I think we have all the big boring expensive things.  Now it's time for the FUN stuff.  Like, I got my nursing cover in the mail and I am very excited about it.  For some reason, that is fun to me.  Maybe because it's pretty.  I was totally going to make mine, but I got lazy and decided to just buy one.  I wanted the same kind I got Celia a year ago--the ridiculously named "Hooter Hider"--but I found a great deal on something similar, the cringe-worthy "Udder Cover"--I can't believe I had to type that.  Awful.  Why can't they be named something more dignified?

Registering.  It's been fun and required many phone calls to Christy for advice. I just did it online at Target, because everyone does it at Target so why not?  There were many decisions to be made--what kind of bottles do I want to use?  What crib sheets will match the decor?  What should be kind of gender-neutral, for future babies to use? Do I really need all these fancy gadgets?  I discovered that I really don't need/want a lot of stuff.  In theory I'm a minimalist--just for the sake of cleanliness. I know that babies come with a lot of accoutrements,  I just don't want to fill every single room of my house with baby stuff.  Kyle and I will be parents, but we still want to look like humans! We'll see if that's possible.  Anyways, Target recommends registering for 75 things--there's no way!  I registered for 22.  Am I missing something?


TheMoncurs said...

You should have seen my registry, it was tiny. Like..11 items. I am such a minimalist when it comes to baby junk.

So I registered for a bunch of books on Which no one bought me.

Katy said...

I just went through your registry with Gramma Kay, but I will not tell you what we bought you! As someone who unabashedly judges people based on their registry choices, I commend you.

Katy said...

p.s. it's the first time I've looked at your blog since my job ended and i LOVE the new background!!

Cait said...

As for bottles, unless you are going to be leaving for large amounts of time you probably only need a couple for those brief times you want to leave baby. Before I was working, I think we had like 3 or 4 and that was plenty. If you want to pump breast milk and store it in the those first few weeks when you have a ton, I used an ice cube tray - they make special ones with lids for breast milk or you can just use whatever you have. And we are total baby-stuff minimalist. I don't think I really missed having anything (ok, one thing: a nice sturdy changing table, it hurt my back to hunch over and change him constantly, and our diaper stuff ended up being strewn everywhere). Oh, and I would recommend good quality cloth nursing pads - I think Celia and I both used the Bravado brand. They are much more comfortable than the paper-y kind, really absorbent, and much less expensive. Maybe not for registering for, just for a recommendation.