Monday, July 12, 2010

Have you SEEN these?

(photo from CJane's blog)

They are absolutely GIGANTIC marshmallows.  Honestly, they are much bigger once part of one is in your mouth.  I could barely finish ONE, and that one made me feel siiiiick.  The boys clearly had no problem and ate several:

On Saturday we had a pretty great day up at Deer Creek Reservoir in Provo Canyon.  I sat and ate cherries/cinnamon bears/Pringles and enjoyed the boys' tomfoolery for hours--it's amazing how they can create entertainment out of thin air.  Eventually Council Bluffs and Emily showed up with a Wave Runner--unfortunately, pregnancy stopped me from participating. It really did look fun.

(Probably the closest these boys have ever been to each other)

We had a fun, relaxing time.  Now that I actually know about this place, we'll probably go back.  Better equipped with, say, swimsuits.

(Oh...Kyle's face.)

Things will be much easier once I'm not pregnant.  Of course, then we'll actually have a baby, which makes life difficult again.  Shoot.  There should be an in-between rest period!


Kaity said...

i HAVE see those- they look even bigger when you make babies eat them. and i do.

Katy said...

Lucy LOVES going to the bethroom at mom's house now that those are the reward. It is nuts.

The Boob Nazi said...

Yes, Emma loves her sharshmawows. They're huge. I want one right now. Damn trying not to eat anything bad for you. All I've eaten today: fruit, popsicles (LIME), chicken, rice, bran cereal, and miniwheats. I HATE LIFE. I AM HUNGRY.

Thanks for letting me rant.

Jessica Rabbit said...

Hey, you're right near my family's house! Haha. Looks like you all had a grand ol' time. :)