Friday, July 23, 2010

That is not what I'm going for

Oh, man.  My current favorite baby name is on the "Hipster Baby Names" list on Babycenter.  Gag me.


Brittany said...

Ehhh...babycenter is full of weirdos. Don't worry. :)

Katy said...

Hey you know what is NOT on the hipster name list? A little something I like to call Tomasha Switchblade Relampago Tomahawk Vaughn. Although such a fabulously well-named child COULD conceivably be called "Tom Tom" for short and then we're back to square one, viz. the hipster dilemma. Maybe you should just give in. ALL ROADS LEAD TO HIPSTERDOM.

Katy said...

Oh man or maybe all roads lead to Hipster-DOME, a concept that is making me giggle with its post-apocalyptic possibilities. SHOOT.