Monday, July 26, 2010

Wyoming recap

Wyoming was so fun!  We happened to be in Cheyenne for FRONTIER DAYS, which is a very VERY big deal.  There were about a million people in town--just the quantity of RVs was staggering.  KISS performed the night we got there, which is cool and (to me) surprising--the next night Brooks and Dunn performed, which makes much more sense.  We visited the festivities with Ken and Barbara, although we didn't actually pay to go to a rodeo or carnival--it was really hot and the lines were daunting.  We had fun looking at all the western paraphernalia and walking around.  Kyle and I both have tons of cowboy ancestors, so even though the rest of me didn't fit in, being there made my cowboy blood sing.  I LOVE this sort of thing!

We had a fun time hanging out with Kyle's parents, and one night we even got to have a barbecue with some cousins and Aunt Jeanne, which was a blast (and delicious) .  We loved seeing Ken and Barbara's new house--it is so neat!  Kyle and I love the interesting architecture that some older houses have.  Barbara says that you have to either love or hate the layout of their house--and we love it!  The whole house is built around an open-air atrium in the center--so it's like a square doughnut.  At night, you can look in the front door, through the atrium, and into the living room.  It's very cool.  It also has a HUGE front and back yard.  Mowing that grass takes FOREVER.  And the back patio is so cute.  Velocity is going to love visiting her grandparents in Wyoming!
Kyle stood on one end of the front lawn and took a picture of me on the other end.  Can you even see me?

There's Ken on the other end of the massive driveway.

I love the trees by the patio.

In the awesome atrium. (Great place to hang out in the the winter, apparently it fills up with snow.)

Kyle had to give Velocity bunny ears.

We spent a good amount of time watching old home videos.  Kyle was hilarious and SO CUTE.  Seriously.  He kills me. (I hope we have kids just like him.  I think I was a pretty cute kid as well [though nothing like Kyle], so I think the combination will make for some awesome little children.  Hopefully they'll be cool when they grow up too).  We also spent one whole evening on family history!  My family is really into it, so I know a ton about my ancestors--but I knew NOTHING about Kyle's family.  It was really interesting and fun to learn more about the Vaughns and Goolsbys.  We may have made a mess in the office with family group sheets, but I think it was well worth it.  Now Velocity can know about BOTH sides of her family, which I think is really important.

Kyle was feeling cheesy.

REALLY cheesy.  I am totally laughing at him in this picture, even though it seems like I'm looking at him lovingly.  Don't be fooled.


Danny and Christy Leininger said...

Yeah! Your recap came so quick-thanks for all the pics!

Karen said...

Hey! The have a functioning Coke machine?? I've never seen anything so cool! Do you get them for free or do you have to pay MONEY?

TheMoncurs said...

I SO want a house built around an atrium!! Aaron and I are talking about building our 15-20 year house in the next few years and that's one of the ideas that I've fallen in loved with. So cool!

kate said...

cute pictures! i love your pink shirt...velocity is going to be a doll.

amanda said...

background, so cute. trip to wyoming, SO FUN! I didn't read the caption for the bunny ears picture. I thought Kyle was just trying to be Asian with the peace sign thing.

Jessica Rabbit said...

You guys are so fun. Never become lame or the skies will darken and you will hear a sudden, though faint, "NOOOOOoooooooo!" from across the seas. ;)

Cait said...

Grass.... sigh. That huge yard is killing me right now what with all the dust and sand that my baby is romping around in.