Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dude I only have 5 weeks left

It's my last night in California--and I'm spending it participating in the perfect activity, aka watching hours of The IT Crowd with my parents.  The fact that they looooove this show is a testament to their coolness.   It's great to just sit and relax because this week has been FREAKISHLY BUSY.  A million things have really kept us running around.  (This means my feet and ankles are super swollen at the end of the day, fyi.  It's great.) We are all tuckered out but it's also been really fun.  It's great because I sleep like a rock every night, which is a nice change from my normal pregnancy-induced tossing and turning.

California is funny because a)it's been downright chilly while I've been here, is that weird or what?  And mostly because b)people here are really nice to pregnant women.  I mean, Utah is FULL of pregnant girls and I think everyone is bored with it.  Old news.  I'm not special.  BUT it's still exciting in California.  The second I got off the plane I had people congratulating me and asking when I'm due.  People have actually seen me in line in the bathroom and let me go first because I'm pregnant.  I love it here!  No one has touched my rather large stomach, and instead they just say nice things. 

Lucy got a haircut. She LOVES long hair so she was pretty dang upset when she saw how short it was cut.  We all love it though!  Every day she looks in the mirror to check if it got longer overnight.

The baby shower was really really great.  These were my favorite treats because they're so pretty:

(We got really into the bird theme, obviously.)

LOVE the quilt we tied during the party.  The back is lime green. PERFECT.

And it turns out, cake balls are WAY harder to make than Bakerella says.  (At least, for me.  I think I'm slightly retarded though.)  It made me sad.

This weekend we drove to Irvine, unpacked a UHaul, put everything in its place in Christy and Danny's new apartment (seriously it's almost all done), and drove back.  We were pretty tired--and dang loopy on the way back.  Lucy would NOT smile normally.

Um, a really funny episode is on so I have to go.  I'm really really excited to see Kyle tomorrow!


TheMoncurs said...

I hate that I live too far away to go to any of your baby showers. :(

Jessica Rabbit said...

all of that looks fantastic! And bravo, california. :)